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Britney LaVecchia, Student Life Editor

April 8, 2020

While the Coronavirus has taken over headlines worldwide, other major events have been overshadowed by the fears of the growing pandemic. After a major discovery 13 years ago, HIV was something that was incurable, but this c...

As the first class of 1:1 device users prepares to return them, does DHS have a plan to deal with the eWaste?

DHS iPads and eWaste

January 15, 2020

Here’s what you missed: Holiday Blue Wave News Video

Eva Criscuolo, Edited by Eva Criscuolo

December 20, 2019

Break is coming up and the holidays are nearing! DHS is getting excited and the Neirad and Blue Wave News team decided to go around the school interviewing fellow students about their holiday plans, traditions, and some preferenc...

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