In Other News…

Things Happening in the World other than COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people worldwide

While the Coronavirus has taken over headlines worldwide, other major events have been overshadowed by the fears of the growing pandemic.

After a major discovery 13 years ago, HIV was something that was incurable, but this changed a week ago. According to Kate Sheridan, the second person in the world to be cured of HIV was saved through a successful cell transplant in the U.K. 

This past week, doctors have announced that after 13 years, the second person has been treated for HIV through cell transplant. This discovery is an important step to a worldwide cure to the disease itself. While this is just the beginning, this must be celebrated as it is a historical moment in the health field. The long process of the cell transplant is just at the beginning and the cure for the disease is far to come, but this step was very important to a cure. 

Not only have these major discoveries been made, but there have been environmental changes during the quarantine. After Italy’s quarantine, dolphins have been seen in the Venice canals for the first time in sixty years. 

Courtesy of Rosie Pentreath

These signs of life give people around the world hope as the pandemic carries on. While the boat traffic usually draws up sediment causing the murky waters and the clearness does not mean the water is in better condition, the abundance of marine life already shows a change within the lagoon.

Harvey Weinstein has also been recently assigned to maximum years in prison for sexual assault. This is important because Weinstein’s trial has been the center of the Me Too movement. His conviction marks an end to the ongoing trial that was in headlines until the coronavirus overwhelmed worldwide news stations. Not only has he been sentenced to prison, but he has also been tested positive for coronavirus just weeks after his trial. 

Courtesy of Michael Owens

In other news, Texas has deemed abortions as non-essential which continues the ongoing debate between pro-life and pro-choice. This discussion has overwhelmed the American public in past months, but because of the coronavirus, this news has escaped main headlines. 

All of these major events have spurred from the recent Coronavirus, and as members of the DHS community, we must keep an eye out for the hidden headlines. As our lives are changing with this virus, let’s not forget to be well informed of the world around us and history that is in the making.