What to Do This Tuesday: China Exchange is Back

After a one-year hiatus, please make the students from Shanghai feel welcome at DHS

你好, the China Exchange program is back on track! Soon, ten students and two teachers from Shanghai will be arriving at DHS! They come to the United States on Friday, September 27th, and depart on Tuesday, October 8th. On the dates of October 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th, look out for the exchange students and teachers! They will be hanging out in the library classroom, and in some classes throughout the day. Please say hi and make them feel welcome! Their school in Shanghai is very different from ours. The Shanghai Number 3 Girls School is a state run public school for girls only. They have around 1,000 students enrolled and 120 staff members. Our school is slightly larger with about 1,350 students enrolled. Shanghai No.3 Girls School is the only state owned key girls school in mainland China. It is Shanghai number 3 because it came after the other schools, St. Mary’s Hall and McTyeire High School. Education focuses on girl’s growth. The school functions by the idea of training girls to be “IACE girls”. IACE stands for independence, ability, care, and elegance. The goal is to have each girl that attends the high school to represent these qualities. The girls are coming soon, so get excited DHS!

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