Want an Agreement, Ask Major League Baseball

With the baseball season starting soon, an agreement has not been reached between the league office and the players association.


Major League Baseball is currently in a lockout, how will it resolve itself?

Sam Donnelly, Writer

MLB Fans Await Deal

The ongoing lockout has left many players having the question: will the season resume like normal? The office of Major League Baseball and the MLB players union have now been in controversy for over two months. Player salaries have been problems to some MLB players, especially players in the minors, who don’t play 162 games in a season.

Having the first league lockdown since 1990, the MLB wants to quickly get the issue resolved so their season doesn’t get delayed. In response, the players association wants to increase the minimum player salary by 36% this year, which previously was $550,000. Well, who’s in the wrong here, the players union? or the office of Major League Baseball? This article will help you decide.

Player salaries have been problems to some MLB players, especially players in the minors who don’t play 162 games in a season.

Last year, Major League Baseball had one of their most viewed postseasons in a while. With over a 95% increase in viewership in 2021, the MLB has begun to have an increase in their overall fans. DHS junior Ben Wychulis told me, “I’ve started to watch baseball more, not only because of the sport, but also because of the atmosphere around the game”. The MLB is starting to get recognized more and is beginning to increase its profits for the first time in three years, because of the coronavirus. When the season ended, their players wanted to strike. The MLB players, especially in the minors, argued that the league had too much money in its possession that could be given to the players.

Spring Training Arises

With spring training on the rise, the MLB office needs to quickly resolve this arguing so their season can happen. The MLB season starts on March 31st, however, if spring training is delayed, the season will be delayed by the number of games spring training has.

MLB fans desperately wanting to watch baseball in person again.

The entire league office, including the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, realizes that they might lose millions of dollars this year. The office of Major League Baseball recently requested a $600,000 minimum salary counter offer. Advocating for the rookies in the league, the players union denied the counter offer that the MLB gave them and stuck to their $775,000 salary for its players. 

It is now the beginning of February; players are getting ready for spring training. The only problem is there are not any scheduled spring training practices or games on the horizon. Jeff Passan, an MLB columnist says, “The reaction among the players was not positive. Few on either side expected it to be. The question is how soon the MLBPA counters. Spring training starting on time is in peril”. Many fans down in Arizona and Florida, where the spring training games are played, may have to wait longer to see their favorite players on the diamond.

Manfred Response

Money that the MLB would be getting from fans is now slowly going to decrease if spring training ends up getting delayed. Manfred told the press, “I’m an optimist, and I believe we will have an agreement in time to play our regular schedule.” In response to a question whether opening day would still be March 31st. With only a couple of weeks left before the spring training season gets started, the MLB office needs to propose their best deal yet if their fans want to see their favorite MLB players returning this year.