Home runs, Curveballs, and K’s: The Story of the Darien Wiffle Ball League

How local Darien middle schoolers created one of the best wiffle ball leagues in Connecticut


The Darien Wiffle Ball League’s logo hints at the ferocity of the teams’ competitive spirit.

Ben Wychulis , Writer

The Darien Wiffle Ball League (DWBL), a league founded by 8th graders in the locker rooms of Middlesex Middle School, now has grown into a well known league around DHS with 515 subscribers on YouTube. The DWBL was founded by current DHS Sophomore Braden Schenck, along with a few of his other freinds. Schenck runs the day-to-day operations for the DWBL, editing videos, making graphics, making the rules, and the schedule as well. The league has grown from 4 to 8 teams in just a couple years, and it keeps on growing.

The humble beginnings of the DWBL start back in May of 2019. It started out by Schenck mentioning to his friend, 8th grader at the time Greg Saba, “do you want to start a Wiffle ball league for fun maybe?” And that is how everything started. The first video put up in June of 2019 only included about 15 kids, 4 teams, and one camera. Now in March of 2021, the DWBL has around 25-30 members, 8 teams, and for the first time ever 4 camera views. I spoke with Schenck on where he gets his passion and inspiration for creating the league. He says “I really find passion in baseball, and Wiffle ball is somewhat similar to that. I also have a passion and love for filming and graphic design, and the DWBL is a place where I can create and express myself freely along with having fun.” Schenck also gained inspiration from other organizations as well. He says, “I work for DAF Media and I really love doing the graphics and filming there, so I try to incorporate my skills from DAF to the DWBL.”

A DWBL game being played on a summer evening (Ben Wychulis )

The DWBL also includes their own set of rules, different from the MLB. Since certain players are very good, the DWBL has to make certain rules around those players to try and level up the game. I spoke with 2020 Cy Young winner, DHS Sophomore Sam Donnelly, he said, “I love playing Wiffle ball, its a great way to get to hang out with friends and I get to have fun playing too.” That is a common theme about the DWBL, kids just enjoying themselves and having fun with friends.

To sum things up, the DWBL can be summarized as a successful small organization, founded locally by MMS/DHS students. The DWBL is a great example of the creative young minds that fill up our middle and high schools.