Incredibles 2 Was Exactly How The Title Describes it: Incredible

"This is the rare sequel that lives up to everyone's massive expectations and delivers as much of the joy, pathos, and adventure as the original" - Sandie Angulo Chen, Common Sense Media



Following up fantastic first franchise films with a sequel typically doesn’t go well over the audience and fanbase. However the Incredibles 2 deys those odds. 14 years after the release of the iconic Pixar film The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, the much-anticipated sequel was released. Incredibles 2 reached a whopping 1.243 billion USD in the box office and 180 million USD in the first weekend alone. The film has received very high praise from critics and fans across the world.



A lot of enthusiasm and anticipation had been built up prior to the release of the second film. This is a large part being due to the fact that the first movie had been released to studios just over 14 years ago. This franchise had been a huge portion of Disney and Pixar. The companies were known for this series as well as many other things. However, The Incredibles is simply iconic. Someone could have walked into every household in America and nearly everyone living there would have admitted to watching the first movie at least once.

The franchise is extremely popular. Almost every Halloween you can see at least one parent or child wearing the iconic Incredibles suit. On a personal note, I could recall my Father putting on a Mr. Incredible suit and mask almost every Halloween during my childhood.

Typically the first film of a franchise is usually the best. However, the sequel in this franchise applies extreme pressure to that idea as it is deemed the superior film by many critics and fans. The flawless animation and smooth motion along with the creative plot combine to create a masterpiece. Unlike the first film, the main character of the sequel is Elastagirl. Viewers watch the roles of the parents switch from the first movie to the second. One of the best aspects of this film is that it isn’t a typical classic Disney superhero movie. The film has many twists and turns that the viewers may not be expecting. 

“‘Incredibles 2’ proves to be worth the wait with ample comedy and eye-popping action for all ages, while having an engaging story”.”

— Neil Soans, Times of India

In the first Incredibles film, fans watch as Mr. Increadible fights crime and is all over the news, while Elastagirl is at home taking care of their family. However, in the sequel, their roles are reversed as fans see Elastagirl get recruited for a superhero movement while Mr. Increadible stays home taking care of their children.

The plot is the sequel is all about their efforts to bring superheroes across the world out of hiding. Along with a superhero enthusiast, Elastagirl, Mr. Inceadible, and Frozone work together to return superheroes to their once state of being legal. However, the group of heroes encounters come unexpected companies during their journey as it quickly becomes something they weren’t expecting.

One of the main reasons that the sequel became so popular is because of the youngest Incredible, Jack-Jack the baby. Stealing the fans and audience by his adorableness, this baby is not one you want to mess with. Viewers will learn many lessons about the little one during the film and have an enjoyable time while doing so.

Unlike the first film, I personally found there to be many more humorous moments during this one. There are many more comical moments and little jokes planted throughout the entirety of the film.

This film provides closure to the franchise as there may never be another Incredibles film ever produced. However, after seeing this sequel I could see many fans being content with this film being the ending to the short iconic franchise.