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The Student News Site of Darien High School


The Student News Site of Darien High School


All star nuggets? More like an all time favorite.
Nostalgia: But in Food
Reese Wilson, Journalist • May 14, 2024
Graduates throw their caps in the air as they prepare to move onto their next stage in life
Class of 2024: The Survivors
Katie Koslow, Pop Culture Editor • May 1, 2024

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Bring Your Kid to Work Day!

My experience living alongside a legend in television production
NBC Universal
This was definitely a “gutsy” moment! Standing next to singer and songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo.

Growing up, I used to stare up at the big monitor attached to the wall, my neck aching from hours of holding it in an uncomfortable position. I always wondered about all the movie and television secrets. Little did I know that I could turn to my mom and ask, “Mommy, how do they do that?”

She would begin on a long rant explaining what happens behind the scenes and probably halfway through it my imagination would take over but, my mind felt tricked. That knife was fake? That’s not alive? They didn’t do that fight scene? No, nothing happened, because it’s all an illusion. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but welcome to the real world of cinema.

Introducing: Tracie Wilson 

Being a single mother of two teenage girls, a fabulous role model to all, absolutely dominating the workplace, but most importantly being a kind and caring mom . . . [drumroll] Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tracie Wilson. Having a successful mother in the workplace has been my greatest gift in life. I am lucky to have her to demonstrate to me that women can excel in their careers as well as men while balancing life’s other challenges. But who is this marvelous woman?

My mom started at NBC Universal in 1996 as an assistant. She is now an executive vice president for Syndication Studios and E! News. She has done projects on shows like The Maury Show, The Harry Connick Jr. Show, and most recently, The Kelly Clarkson Show. But all of that did not come easily, she always reminds my sister and me that “Good things come to those who work their a**’s off”. She has done a great job showing us the importance of hard work, dedication, and resilience. 

Pre-meeting game face; she’s got her Kelly Clarkson Show water bottle ready and a fashionable outfit to go with it. (Reese Wilson)

A day in the City at the Kelly Clarkson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show is a popular daytime talk show that has captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. Hosted by the talented and charismatic Kelly Clarkson, the show offers an entertaining take on the traditional talk show format. I met Clarkson for the first time in 2019 when she first started taping her show. She is a real, warm, and funny person. I immediately felt comfortable around her; to me, she wasn’t a celebrity, she was just Kelly. One of the reasons why The Kelly Clarkson Show stands out is its genuine and relatable host. Her down-to-earth personality and energy make her instantly likable to audiences of all ages. Clarkson’s ability to connect with guests on a personal level creates an intimate atmosphere that keeps viewers engaged. Clarkson even personally connected with me, when she told me the first time we met, “I know you are growing up and there are boys and there’s everything but never settle. Never settle.” Since then, I’ve never gotten close to settling for anything.

Speaking of keeping viewers engaged, the show is mostly known for its diverse range of topics and guests. From beautiful stories about ordinary people to interviews with A-list celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo, each episode offers something for everyone. But that’s not all.  As an accomplished singer herself,  Clarkson often performs live on the show, showcasing her incredible voice. I was lucky enough to watch Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor, and Clarkson perform a song together live.

Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor, and Kelly Clarkson just moments away from performing a duet singing Fallon and Trainor’s new hit Christmas song: “Wrap me Up!” (Reese Wilson)

Since I am a senior in high school, the burning question arises, “Do you know what you want to do?” This question used to make my hands sweat and feel insecure. After lots of trial and error, I can finally confidently answer: “I want to do something in the entertainment industry”

But why? The opportunity to bring joy and happiness to people’s lives gets me fired up. Whether it’s through performing on stage or creating captivating films, entertainers have the power to transport audiences into different worlds, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories. The ability to touch people’s hearts and make them laugh or cry is incredibly rewarding. I want to make a difference in someone’s life. 

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Reese Wilson
Reese Wilson, Writer
Reese is a senior at DHS who started writing for Neirad in the fall of 2023. She loves writing about opinion pieces, movie reviews, and pop culture. You can find Reese listening to music in her room, playing outside with her dog, hanging out with friends, or watching Jersey Shore when she is not writing for Neirad!

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