DHS Students’ Top 10 Study Spots

As we head into the final stretch of school, it’s more important than ever to be productive while studying.

We all know that studying is crucial to finding success in high school. That being said, it’s so easy to get distracted. The Neirad Staff set out one afternoon to talk to some DHS students to answer the following question, “what is your favorite study spot?” Find their answers below:

At number 9 is sophomore Dylan Lash whose favorite study spot is his kitchen.
Coming in at number 10 is junior Anna Gjervold whose favorite study spot is the couch in her bedroom.
In number 7, junior Thea Kline’s favorite study spot is her bed.
In number 8 we have junior Christina McDonnell who studies best at the desk in her room.
In number 5 is sophomore Stephen Smith who enjoys studying in the cafeteria booth.
Coming in at number 6 is junior Willem Davidson whose favorite study spot is his dining room table.
In number 3 is freshman Luka Zhou who likes to study in the DHS library. This was a common answer.
In number 4 is junior Tristan Adams who studies best at this specific desk in the DHS Library.
The most popular study spot for DHS students is the Darien Library. Emmeline Wang, a junior, specified the 3rd floor as being her favorite spot.
In 2 place is Cafe Nero. Pictured above is senior Quinn Connelly. Senior Helen Ungar and junior Gerrit Davidson also enjoy studying there.























































Whether you were surprised by this or learned of a new spot to try, it’s time to hunker down before AP tests and finals for some last minute prep!