Spooky Stories from Darien Youth

Neirad Staff


Trunk or Treat was a huge success! Neirad hosted its first-ever spooky writing session. Here are illustration submissions made by Darien’s  young artists and some of their stories can be read below. Enjoy!


Eden Brown

Late one night a little girl named Rose was traveling in a forest and saw a hotel so she decided to go in the hotel and went to her room. She noticed a spooky whoo!  and out went the lights… it was a ghost.

“Ah” said Rose.

This isn’t a hotel, this is a haunted house. So Rose ran away and was never seen again! 


Kai and Ben 

Once upon a time there were two boys named George and Kyle. They went on a trip to a creepy place and got scared. The end.



Once there was a child who loved reading. Her name was Rosie. Her dad didn’t like it. So, he took all her books away. So she went to the library and got millions of books. Then, the librarian helped her with her dad. Then Rosie’s dad was never seen again.



One day I went to the mall with my mom and we went to Claire’s and we had lunch and then we went to the pumpkin patch and we picked pumpkins and it was so much fun and amazing.


Ben Keeler

Once upon a time a pumpkin named Joe came alive and ate all of the children’s candy. Then a ghost came and hurt the pumpkin so the pumpkin said sorry. The end.



Once upon a time a girl named Rosie was wandering in the woods. She was a long way from home and found a haunted house. She went in and found bones all around the house and blood all around the walls. She was scared but saw a wolf outside so she stayed in the house. She went up the stairs and went to sleep but then a zombie climbed out of the corner and she died.


Lawrence Zhang

Once upon a time a witch woke up. Her name was Karen. Karen found out her pot was missing. Karen asked her wizard, William. “Have you seen my pot?” 

William said, “Oh yes, here I’m making some skull soup!”


Nick S.

Once there was a boy who died and then came back alive.


Owen Heffron

Twas the night before Halloween. The end.


It is clear that the future of Neirad is in good hands with these writers.