The Turkey Bowl: A Thanksgiving Tradition


Dating back to 1928, rivals Darien and New Canaan have battled each other in an annual football game known as the Turkey Bowl. Each year, the Turkey Bowl takes place on Thanksgiving, which this year is on November 25. 

Last year, because of COVID, the Turkey Bowl was different than past years. The teams did get a chance to play each other, but no spectators were allowed to watch the game, disappointing the players’ families, students, and all DHS fans. 

Back in 2019, New Canaan had the record of 52-38-2 in the Turkey Bowls, meaning our own Blue Wave has lost more times than they have won.

At the first of many Turkey Bowl games in 1928, Darien defeated New Canaan 26-6. Over the years, the games have gotten more evenly matched and the champion varies most every year. Although, in 2019 before COVID hit, New Canaan defeated Darien 20-0. 

This year, the game between the Blue Wave (9-0) and the Rams (8-1) will be a close one. 

The two rivals will fight for the Coaches Memorial Trophy at 10:00 AM on Dunning Field at New Canaan High School. 

If you did not purchase a ticket for the game by Wednesday, November 17, you can watch the game live on Youtube on either the DAF or the NTCV channels.

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