What to Watch This Weekend: A Few Shows to Get Started on in Quarantine

Everybody needs some a distraction right now, so fill your time with some good TV


  1. Phinneas and Ferb- Disney +
    Disney’s Orginal Phinneas and Ferb
    1. The great Phinneas and Ferb once said, “There are 104 days of summer vacation…” now however, we finally understand what they were talking about. Phineas and his stepbrother, Ferb, are firm on making every day of summer vacation the best day ever. They try building a full-scale roller coaster, becoming musicians, building a backyard beach, and traveling back in time to meet dinosaurs. Their family pet, Perry the Platypus, who doubles as a secret agent who battles the evil Dr. Dofenshmurtz. Meanwhile, older sister Candace is tattling on them to Mom and Dad, though she can never seem to catch them in the act. Phinneas and Ferb offer us a chance to escape reality and live in a world where 2 kids can build time machines and rollercoasters in their back yard. 

      Saturday Night Live cast performing a live skit
  2. Saturday Night Live – Hulu
    1. It is now possible to watch your favorite weekly live comedy show without staying up until 1 am…just get a Hulu account.  The show takes a creative twist on recent news issues and makes jokes about them, jokes that the live audience can’t stop laughing about.  Getting tickets is hard enough to see it live, but now watching it every week is even harder. Now you can binge all the Kenan Thompson, Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Fallon, and Weekend Update skits your heart desires.  
  3. The Flash – Netflix
    1. Action, drama, teen romance, this show has it all. Just your normal average human being with incredible speed. Fighting crime and saving lives, the best part is that there are 5 seasons. 40-minute episodes that you will not get bored of.
  4. The Mandolorian – Disney + 
    1. So you’re a Star Wars fan. Well fan or not this series will fill you up with excitement. You got Bounty Hunters, monsters, cute little baby green creatures. Just go watch it.

      Disney + Original, The Mandolorian