Building One Community

Building One Community (B1C) a non profit organization who’s programs “educate, employ, and empower immigrants and engage the entire community.”  B1C is approaching their 10 year anniversary of serving our community, and Suzanne Wind, the Communications Director at B1C said “in 10 years we have served over 12,500 immigrants from 108 different countries.”  This organization makes resources accessible for people in our community that are often forgotten about, U.S. immigrants.  In Stamford alone, over 37% of residents were born outside of the U.S.  B1C strives to give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive in academics and the workplace.

A group of students at B1C (Suzanne Wind)

Homework Club

  • Available on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thu from 4:15-5:30, the Homework club is an opportunity for 14+ students to assist elementary school kids via zoom to help them with their daily homework. The only requirement is to be tech-savvy and able to troubleshoot and navigate zoom. 

Youth Group

  • This is for high school students only and is a chance to practice leadership skills and responsibility.  The youth group allows volunteers to tutor adult immigrants English via zoom or at the B1C location.  These meetings are held each Saturday.

English Language Learning Tutor

  • ELL tutors must create and send out a zoom link to their English student.  This also requires preparation of a lesson with the provided resources.  This volunteer option is super flexible and fun.  Students must be 14+, but preferably 16+.

Technology Literacy Tutor

  • This is for students 16+ who can teach basic computer skills on zoom with their students.  The time commitment is 45 minutes a week and weekly preparation of a lesson.
Holiday Activities at B1C (Suzanne Wind)


I had the opportunity to talk with Bruno Coppe, the Youth Group Leader at B1C.  Coppe continues to volunteer with B1C because “B1C is a warm, inclusive environment and that is why I have remained working there.”  Coppe chose to volunteer with B1C because “I have a mixed background and speak 3 languages. B1C seemed the perfect place for me to volunteer because I could use my language to help others.”  Coppe likes the opportunity to “work with somebody face to face”.

My experience with B1C as an ELL tutor was an opportunity that I’ll never forget.  Each Saturday for roughly 3 months I met with a variety of students ranging from teens to adults.  Their gratitude and patience was so overwhelming and it was incredible to meet these people and to teach them.  I would highly recommend it if you are interested in volunteering and utilizing a foreign language in the real world.  I will continue to volunteer with B1C because of their welcoming and inclusive environment that gives light on an overlooked issue.

For more information visit:

Margarita Zimmerman, Volunteer Director: [email protected]

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