Proof That Music Makes Life Better!

Shocking Scientifically-Proven Facts About Music


Charlotte Ward, Editor-in-Chief

In this day in age, it’s rare to walk down the street or through the hallways in school without seeing someone listening to music. It’s an activity millions of people enjoy every day, but does it provide any benefits to listeners besides a way to tune out the world? Science says yes! Here are some shocking scientifically-proven facts about music, facts that confirm that it makes life better.

1. Music improves your memory. According to Science of People, patients with memory loss can remember specific song lyrics. Doctors can use this to help someone recover lost memories. Music from a specific time period can trigger memories from that period, so if you want to remember something from the past, listen to a song you enjoyed at that time. It has also been proven that music can keep your brain protected and healthy as you age.

2. Music makes working out so much better. Listening to music while exercising can distract you from the pain of working out. Music release endorphins into the brain, and those endorphins give us a feeling of excitement. Keeping your music on high volume can also increase the effort you put into exercising. For exercises that require a pace, music can help regulate rhythm.

3. Music has the power to heal. Music connects to the automatic nervous system and the limbic system. Your blood pressure drops and your heartbeat slows down when you listen to slow music. This helps to reduce tension in your muscles. Listening to slower music means less pain and a faster recovery time.

4. Music reduces stress and anxiety. Music links to our emotions, and researchers have found that it can help us manage stress and anxiety.  Music can relax your mind, it can even calm your mind in the same way that meditation can. Music is readily available, inexpensive, and safe. These factors make it a great tool for reducing stress. Whether you are listening to or making music, it can help us relax.

5. Music helps us sleep and improves quality of sleep. Research has shown that if you listen to music to help you relax before bed, you will sleep better and longer, with fewer interruptions throughout the night. Music can especially help people with sleeping disorders.

These 5 facts only begin to scratch the surface of the way music can benefit listeners. Next time you feel anxious, consider retreating to a quiet place to listen to some calm music. Next time you’re dreading the treadmill, make a workout playlist and lose yourself in a beat. If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, listen to calming music before you go to bed to help improve your sleep length and quality.

Music makes life better, and not just because blasting it in your car with the windows down while pulling out of your school parking lot makes you seem “cool.”

Choose your music wisely to improve your daily life!