Impeachment Round 2

By: Andrew Banks

Andrew Banks, Writer


Here we go again, the Democrats are now ringing in the end to Trump’s presidency with impeachment. The House (more specifically Democrats in the House) did it when he first came into office so why not solidify their disdain for his presidency by doing it at the end of his term. In all seriousness, this time the Democrats have a reason, but is it still worth it?

Most educated human beings believe that the attack on the Capitol was in no way patriotic, and that the people who went along with the act are extremists and should be prosecuted. Of course, nothing seems to take place nowadays without it being political. Many politicians believe that Trump incited the violence on January 6. Knowing this, Democrats moved to impeach him. But what is the goal? Just to have it on record that Trump was impeached twice within one presidential term? There is clearly a political motivation. In an article published by CNN, Lincoln Mitchell claimed, “​This choice is false. The only way we can move forward and restore rule of law is by having some kind of process to document what occurred during the Trump era, how it culminated in violence that left five dead and ensuring that it has consequences for those responsible.” Mitchell is basically saying that he needs to see documentation that Trump was impeached after the events that occurred at the Capitol. It is important to recognize that Trump was only to be in office for two more weeks at the time, and the impeachment vote in the house was completed in less than a week. The critical aspect is that the Senate doesn’t even go to vote until after Trump leaves office. What’s the point? It sets a dangerous precedent in that it suggests the House can just impeach a president when it doesn’t agree with what he/she has done. I think impeachment now would be a lot more reasonable if the House hadn’t wasted time impeaching Trump out of pure disapproval for him in 2019. Democrats claimed he had abused his power, but that was just because they did not agree with his policies.


Along with that, Joe Biden is calling for unity, but is this unity? An article published by MSNBC states, “​President Donald Trump is cruising toward history as the first president to be impeached twice. And no matter what you may hear about “unity” or “fanning the flames” from his ​somehow still loyal party members​, there is no principled argument against impeaching Trump again; there’s only self-serving reluctance to accept the truth.” This quote is interesting. The writer is basically claiming that we should move on and that impeachment is needed for that, but is it really necessary? Also, why all of a sudden should we move on, yet Democrats didn’t move on when Trump got elected?  It is an opinion article, so I respect whatever they want to say. But as Joe Biden is calling for unity, impeachment would have a major effect. Many Americans, Democrat or Republican believe that we should stay focused on Covid relief and getting back to work. Many people also believe that there is no point in impeachment as Trump will soon be out of office. 

Joe Biden has been asked about impeachment and yet has still not claimed he fully supports this. An article published by Breitbart says ,“‘I’ve been saying for now, well, over a year, he’s not fit to serve,’ Biden said. ‘He’s one of the most incompetent presidents in the history of the United States of America.’ But he refused to back efforts to remove Trump from the White House and insisted that impeachment was up to Congress. Instead, Biden said he was focused on the start of his own administration on Jan. 20, and he said his top three priorities are beating back the coronavirus, distributing vaccines fairly and equitably, and reviving the struggling economy.” I think this sums up impeachment perfectly. If the incoming president can’t even publicly say that he fully endorses impeachment then why would we move forward? Biden calls for unity which is why he does not want to comment. As I said before, there is a political motivation, and Biden knows that. He knows that if he were to comment, that it would prove how he is still concerned about Trump and how he is perceived by his supporters. In addition, Biden wants to get his cabinet confirmed so he can move forward with getting things done within his first one hundred days, but how can he do that with impeachment?

In any event, it is clear to say that impeachment is a politically motivated, unnecessary act, because Trump will be a private citizen in a week. Trump will be out of office and we should move on and hope that the new administration will get to work and accomplish meeting the needs of the American people. This will not be achievable with the half day schedule that will be imposed upon the Biden administration if an unprecedented impeachment takes place.




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