Support Small Businesses for the Holidays!

Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season


Julianne Teitler and Lila DeGennaro

With the holidays coming up and gifts needed to be bought, you may find yourself browsing the web, or going to large department stores, hoping to get everything in as little time possible. It is undoubtedly easier to go on Amazon and with a couple clicks, have all of your gifts delivered to your doorstep. However, there is a much better way to be spending your money. While the convenience of both the web and large department stores is unbeatable, the best and most unique items are at smaller stores.

The pandemic has taken a large toll on many small businesses. Especially those that rely entirely on in person shopping and have no online presence. Some of your favorite businesses may be struggling to pay rent because of the unpredicted major decrease in sales this year. Money spent at a small business can make a huge difference for the company, but makes no difference to online places already thriving due to the pandemic. 

Here are some Darien businesses right down the road that you should go to right away:

  • Everything is Rosey – Everything is Rosey offers fun and personalized gifts you could not find anywhere else. There is jewelry, clothing, fun knick knacks, and handmade masks (an essential especially right now). 
      • You can find the perfect product or gift for any price range!
  • Browne & Co – Find some home decor to spruce up your house or to give to a friend (everyone loves to add something new to their home). Additionally, while shopping, head on over to the cafe and treat yourself!
  • Baubles – Instead of ordering jewelry you can’t physically see, find the perfect necklace or set of earrings for a loved one or even treat yourself! 
      • There is a wide price range here, a good place to get a smaller gift or a nicer, pricer gift.
  • Darien Toy Box – I know it may be easier to search up “toys for kids” and find so many options online, but instead go on over downtown and check out the amazing toys Darien Toy Box has to offer. You are bound to walk out with a bag! 
  • Morley –  Find some chic and trendy clothing at Morley!
      • This is a higher end, more expensive place to buy nice gifts.
  • Darien Sport Shop – Darien Sport Shop has everything from shoes to accessories, there is a 100% chance you will check many items off of your list in one go. 
      • You can find a great gift for that special person in your life from as low as $1.