The Health Formula

This is the formula for living your healthiest and best life

The Health Formula

Eat Healthy!

Which is much easier said than done. There are millions of books on what to eat and what not to. The University of Michigan School of Medicine discovered that putting lots of restrictions on one’s diet can lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphia.  

It is more important to focus on creating a balanced diet. The Family Doctor website said to make a goal to eat meals that have carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  To keep one’s body energized, vitamins and minerals found in all food groups is needed. The United States Department of Health and surfaces says, eating healthy gives one’s body the fuel it needs to be its best. 

Darien has many local restaurants that have healthy and balanced meals. Roost is a great option; they are continuing to serve take out salads and other delicious meals. Bodega is right in town and is not as healthy but makes delicious tacos. Palmer’s Market also has many prepared foods that are healthy. They have lots of options including salads, soups and full meals. Aux Delices has lots of prepared food as well that is very good especially their caesar salads. These restaurants are local to the Darien community and in these uncertain times they need one’s support.

Drink Water

Also easier said than done. You have definitely heard this before but there are so many benefits. Medical News Today said, water helps with digestion, skin, oxygen distribution in the body, homeostasis, brain function, airways efficiency, regulating body temperature, regulating blood pressure, mineral/nutrients use, kidneys efficiency, weight loss and, exercising ability. 

You should drink 8, 8 ounce glasses of water per day.”

— Healthline


It is proven that one should drink 64 ounces of water per day. Mayo Clinic found out that when one feels thirsty it is because their body is already dehydrated. 

I find that having a good water bottle helps to motivate one into drinking more water. There are many on amazon that even have little markers on the side of the bottle indicating how much water one should drink by that time in the day. It is about finding something that works for you because there are so many options. Whole Foods in Darien has a good selection of them and so does Palmers Market. 

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This is actually very easy. Since everyone has more free time now one can take 30 minutes to exercise. Working out does not have to be a big commitment one can go for a walk. According tot he website,, just moving one’s body for a few minutes every day makes a difference.  Doing something is always better than nothing at all so walking is a great option. 

When one is working out if it feels challenging that is a good sign meaning one is getting stronger. Gyms are still closed but Youtube has millions of at home workout videos that are created by fitness professionals. 

Darien High School recently finished creating the running path; there is space to park a few cars and the two mile long trails are located on Nutmeg. Waveny Park in New Cannan is a great place to walk or run. There are many trails at Waveny Park and it is dog friendly. 


Again easier said than done. Treating your body well will only get you so far mental health is the majority of one’s health. In order to be happy one should spend time every day doing something they love. 

According to “How to be Happy”, author Tara Parker-Pope states it is important to use this newfound free time to enjoy hobbies one would not otherwise have time for. Make sure to surround oneself with people who make them happy. It is unrealistic to try to be happy all the time but instead aim to bring happiness into one’s life. Attempt to find happiness with oneself and bring that emotion into one’s life.

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The formula for health is all about balance between the different aspects of ones life. Balance between doing what is right for your body and what is right for your mind. The health formula is about creating a way that works for one to be the healthiest they can be.