Youtubers Are Not The Same During Quarantine

Are Youtubers creating more drama during this pandemic?


Youtubers. We’ve all watched them, from vlogs, gaming, cooking, there’s all sorts of Youtubers. Youtubers have shaped our world today! Well maybe not. But we watch them a lot. It’s actually a job that pays a lot of good money if your channel is successful. But are Youtubers content different now that COVID-19 has hit our world, are they running out of ideas, are they getting crazier!

Let’s first talk about the vloggers. Vloggers are people that film their life and what they are doing and then post it on the internet! We’ve all heard of these famous vloggers, Logan Paul, Casey Neistat, David Dobrik. Not only are they vloggers but they are vloggers that film outside. So how do they keep their channel from dying. Well first, let’s talk about Paul. We’ve all heard of him, maybe because of 2016 where he blew up or back in 2018 where his career fell apart because he “accidentally” showed a dead body on his trip to Japan on Youtube. But he did make a good comeback this year. His vlogs are normally outside but now that there’s quarantine, he is making content in his house, and the things he does in his house are things that you should not be doing at home. For example, on one of Paul’s vlogs, he tied a rope to his chandelier and just swung on his chandelier. His content is a little extreme but it does get a lot of views. David Dobrik and Casey Neistat’s vlogs are similar in terms of how their content has not changed much as far as approach. They still film outside with respect to the rules of social distancing and wearing a mask. So vloggers are actually doing well for themselves.

For gamers, it’s easier; it’s actually even better for them. You’re stuck at home, what are some things that almost everyone would do? Go online of course! And gamers have an advantage here because most people on the internet like to watch gamers stream their favorite games. On YouTube, you can actually stream video games for everyone to see live. And on those livestreams there’s an option for viewers to donate some money to the streamers. So gamers are making a lot more than they did before this pandemic.

So what do the people of Darien High School have to do with Youtube? Well people mostly watch it to feel entertain or to just relax. Watching Youtube makes us feel less stressed and forgot about all the bad things going on especially during this pandemic. So when we are in school we mostly just want to get our mind off homework and distress ourselves and most of us just go on social media like Youtube and forget about it. Of course, there are times where we could be a little too distracted and start procrastinating and that is why we need to manage our time. Youtube for most students isn’t just an entertainment platform but it helps them understand the real life because vloggers show what is going on outside, gamers show people how to interact and talk, the list goes on.

Overall, Youtube is just an infinite hole with infinite amounts of content. Even during quarantine! Youtubers can still be able to create the content that they like to provide for their viewers like, skits, gaming, and vlogs. Coronavirus is not stopping them from creating good quality content. This is also inspiring normal people to start growing and creating their own channel and make a little bit of money to buy the right equipment to professionally start Youtube.  Are you bored? Go watch some Youtube videos then.