Teen businesses Flourish During Quarantine

Online clothing accounts take the spotlight during lockdown.

Britney LaVecchia, Student Life Editor

As the lockdown goes on, many DHS students have started online clothing accounts to sell their clothes. These accounts make it easy to re sell clothes that they don’t want anymore. This is a great time to make some money during quarantine, also a great way to clean out your closet. 

It’s as easy as taking photos of your clothes that you would like to sell, setting a selling price and then washing the item and dropping it off. This is an easy contact free approach to making money, and it is easy to do. Venmo and other payment apps also make this process very easy, the buyer can send money right away with the press of a button. Junior Julia Pombar says that “The clothing accounts give people the opportunity to buy clothes at a cheaper price”. While most of these clothes are used, they are washed and offered at cheaper prices than originally bought. Not only are these clothing accounts on the rise for DHS students, but they have also connected people from around Fairfield county who are buying and selling clothes. 

These accounts are an easy way to make cash by cleaning out your closet, but online websites like Depop and Poshmark are also a great way to seel clothes. Rather than dropping them off yourself, these websites give members the ability to sell clothes nationwide. With these apps, students can upload images of their clothes to sell and receive payments online through the program.