Beginning of the End: An Introduction to Darien High School

The Ups and Down, Ins and Outs of How the Year Feels to the Newly Minted Classes

November 8, 2017

High school is the dense melting pot of the newest brains of our future. Within that comes the various classes and their stereotypes: freshmen, sophomores, followed by juniors, and lastly, the big, bad, seniors. Stereotypes aside, Neirad asks the students what it is really like on the first day of high school as a “freshman” through to a “slacker”.

The students of Darien High School run their school life as an empire, where the seniors are the kings and the ninth graders are the jokers. Being a junior at the high school, I have been intimidated and the intimidator, due to the hierarchy of the society within DHS. After having been at the school for three years now, though, I’ve also seen the big kids turn into friends, the upperclassmen become me, and the scared become scary, so, things have definitely changed. The first day of school freshman year was a rush of thrills and nerves. Who knew what would come from the possible peaks of our very own lives, times we will look back on in 50 years. The DHS we see is a stressful and competitive arena, however the perks of high school can be exciting.

The first day of junior year was exciting because it brought a different feel to true high school. And my nerves leading up to it were minimal because I was already very associated with the school.

— Junior Will Kohler

In November, we are now more submerged into the school year; everyone has adapted to their new surroundings. However, Neirad asked some students for the rundown of the first day.

Freshman Massie Stewart described her ‘day one’ as “Exciting but so nerve wracking; I didn’t really know what to expect.”

She felt that DHS was full of opportunities, so Stewart could not wait.  Freshman year can determine how you control your high school experience.

Are you as excited as these two students?

Another freshman, Danny Owainati, was nervous for being the youngest in the school again: “I didn’t know how many kids would be here, it’s really intimidating but I’m into the freedom.”

Freshman year was new and exciting for most first year students. The general feeling seemed to be that Middlesex definitely does not have the same aura as the high school.

Sophomore Kristen Benedict describes her first day as a sophomore: “I was really nervous, but not nearly as nervous as freshman year. Even though I was nervous, though, after the first day you find out its really not like the high school in the movies – which is a good thing.”

She goes on to continue to explain her nerves and how she adapted to sophomore year. Sophomore year is often known as the fun year. However, grades can slip through by students becoming more relaxed. This adds a new element of unexpected stress. At least during my sophomore year, I felt this stress. 

The boys, however, might be feeling a differently. 

Another sophomore, Ben Wakim said, “I’m so happy to be a sophomore, I feel like this year will open my eyes to a new type of high school.”

I was excited to start my final year at the school and prep myself for what comes next. The college process was the only stressful factor, and that is something the majority of seniors deal with starting their year.

— Senior Jen Tomaj

Being now a junior, the jump to becoming an upperclassman is exciting.  The juniors see a huge difference from sophomore year. Everyone knows junior year as the dreaded Junior Year which creates chaos and hectic feelings about the new school year. Being a junior myself, I understand how this year is the “big year” that all your parents’ friends mention when you tell them you, indeed, are a junior. 

Junior year has lived up to the expectations of stress; Ali Quirk said, “I was scared of the amount of work we were gonna get and all the pressure of doing well in junior year. It was overwhelming and a lot more work than sophomore year.”

Junior Libby Markham getting a head start to her year.

Quirk, however, feels that while junior year has its downs, it also has a lot of fun aspects. There are perks to becoming an upperclassman.

Seniors – on the other hand – find senior year to either be full of fun or full of stress. Most hoped for fun, only to be let down by not living up to the expectations. Seniors are excited for 2nd semester now. 

Senior Carter Hollis said, “It was nice to come to school and see the new field. It was weird being allowed to park on campus.”

Hollis was excited to start the year and get through the college process. Once the stress is over, senioritis is bound to sink in.

DHS is full of ups and downs but focusing on priorities and what is yet to come can change a whole outlook. The world keeps on spinning and soon the freshmen will be seniors. Get ready for DHS 17-18!

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