February Horoscopes!

Unlock your future this month, crack the code of what’s to come!


Eva Criscuolo, Writer, Social Media Manager, Editor

Sagittarius: Howdy, Sagittarius! Usually, February is a bit of a drag, your birthday and the holiday season has passed, and you’re in the midst of winter. Make sure to keep a positive mind though, and this February may just be the best one yet! You’re past is just that, the past, and this month you have the support and love from all of those you care about. 

Pisces: Hola, Pisces! February may be a cold month, but this February is warming your heart. You may meet a special someone this month, and on the 14th you may not need to spend the holiday alone. This is your time to try new things, meet new people, and get out there! On the 10th Mercury slides into your 4rth house, and everything is smooth sailing from there. 

Scorpio: Konichiwa, Scorpio! This February is all about taking a deeper look at yourself. You have had a lot of questions about yourself, the person you’re becoming, and where you may end up in the future. Calm down, you will know soon enough, until then just try to handle one thing at a time. This month only needs to be as stressful as you make it. 

Leo: Hey, Leo! Listen to yourself, nobody knows better than you do. You are kind, passionate, and knowledgeable about all you do. You can listen to others advice but when making big decisions it’s important to listen to what you want. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to this month with the moon in your sign. 

Aires: What’s up, Aires? You’re a bold sign. You’re not afraid to make a difference, and stand up for what you believe in. Don’t apologize for being who you are. If someone has a problem with who you are, their opinion isn’t important. You’re growing and maturing as a person and no one’s gonna stop you. On the 5th with Mercury in your second house, you’re unstoppable. 

Cancer: Hello, Cancer! You are naturally sensitive, and caring. You have a big heart, and you long to be with other people, especially in a romantic sense. This makes you especially vulnerable this month around the 14th. Nonetheless, you don’t need anyone else. You are an amazing person, and you need to focus on your own self- worth. Practice self-care this month!

Gemini: Hi, Gemini! Lately, people have been talking about you behind your back. You’ve hurt some people’s feelings and never really bothered to consider how to make amends. This month you should consider fixing up past conflicts. It’s a new year, so make this a new and healthy start. Sometimes it’s important to let your pride go, and be a bit selfless. This month think of others. 

Virgo: How are you, Virgo? Be a little more confident. You’ve been going through a lot lately. You’ve made some big decisions. You’ve been through some struggles, but you finally have some perspective on life. You know when and how to prioritize the things in your life that matter, and the things that don’t. Make sure to stay focused this month, but allow yourself some free time. 

Libra: Hey there, Libra! You’ve been a bit stubborn lately, but that’s only because you really feel that you are right. Your intuition is strong and usually correct, just make sure to consider all options and factors first. You don’t want to jump into anything right now unless you are 100% sure. On the 17th Uranus goes into your 1rst house, granting you the ability to make wise and thoughtful decisions. 

Aquarius: Happy birthday, Aquarius! This is a month of change and growth for you. You are entering a new year, so keep your head clear, and focus on the good moments you have in the present. Whether it’s the past or future has been tormenting you, it’s time to let that go. You will enter your new year on a happy and prosperous note. 

Capricorn: Lights, Camera, Action, Capricorn! You’re in the spotlight this month. Your riding a new high and you aren’t afraid to show it. Just try not to be too boastful. Others around you are struggling, and while you may be in a good place, others aren’t and by flaunting your happiness you may be unintentionally hurting them. Be conscious of others this month. 

Taurus: Yolo, Taurus! You have been unusually happy lately. Everything has just been seeming to work out for you, and you truly deserve everything you have earned. Don’t be afraid to be a little proud of yourself. You have worked hard for everything you have and the universe is rewarding you. On the 8th when Jupiter aligns with the moon in your sign a full month of pure joy begins.