June Horoscopes


Eva Criscuolo, Writer, Editor


Howdy, Scorpio, how has life been going? Harsh? Take a deep breath, it’s ok to be scared. You are the natural wanderer of the planet, but it’s ok to admit that you have wandered too far from home. May was a difficult month for you but May may prove to be more promising. Keep your head up and remember to breathe. Romance is on the horizon, and on the 15th after Mercury has gone into retrograde in Leo, things will heat up for you and your special someone. The 23rd marks the peak of your month. You will be headed somewhere new and your passion for adventure is sure to be ignited. Try to find ways to destress this month, in the end, you are the priority. This month is all about exploring new possibilities and finding ways to be comfortable in your own skin.

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Hey, Leo, May was a confusing month. You have been in a very strange headspace, and you have had a lot of responsibility hanging over your head. You have felt the need to lash out lately because despite their attempts the person you care most about, doesn’t seem to be giving you all that you want from them. You may be a fire sign, but what you crave most right now is the warmth and security of someone you care about. As Mercury moves into retrograde in your sign, you are feeling emotional, but the planets are beginning to align better for you, and things are beginning to look up. This month will start off bumpy, but things change rapidly on the 14rth when you get the attention you’ve been craving. The 25th marks the peak of your happiness. You will finally have the opportunity you have been craving to take action and make a move towards what you want. Success is on your side, go for it, Leo!

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Gemini: Happy birthday Gemini! It’s finally your birthday month and you couldn’t be happier. Once APs are over you’re feeling comfortable and confident in your skin. You understand how truly important you are, and with a new sense of self-worth, you enter a new year with more confidence than ever. This is bound to be your year, Gemini! Think positively and keep riding this wave of happiness.This year will be a prosperous one,in which you will flourish and grow as a person. You will learn so much this year, and over the course of the year you will blossom into an even better person. May marks a start to what is to be a year of happiness for you. Happy Birthday, Gemini!

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Sagittarius: Hello Sagittarius! May was a mixed month for you, filled with many ups and downs. However, you’ve been learning to feel really comfortable in your skin, and it feels great. Nobody shines brighter than a Sagittarius, when confident, and your confidence has been peaking. May marks power month. Mercury makes its way into the heart of your sign on the 10th and you are ready for action. Hold your head high and take a risk, luck is on your side. This is your month to experiment with new possibilities and experience a world in which you may have previously shut out. You were really hurt by someone recently, and you’ve been trying to recover. Nothing can keep a Sagittarius down, though. You are by nature spontaneous, passionate, and wild, and the mistreatment you received from another isn’t something you’re going to let keep you from experiencing life to its fullest. Romance, adventure, and self-acceptance all lie in the horizon this month.

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Virgo: Ciao Virgo! May was a great month for you, but you aren’t thinking about that now. This month is all about looking ahead and trying to build the future you want. You have been really happy, but a bit irresponsible lately. This month is all about finding a balance between productive and happy. You have a tendency to worry about others and lately, it’s been sparked. It’s a scary world, and you want to make sure that your friends are making the right decisions. Your friends have been distracting you from getting all that’s necessary to be done, accomplished. Take a step back, and let your friends live their lives. It is important for you to be there for them, but also understand that you don’t control them. This month is about focusing on yourself, and working on ways to improve yourself and therefore improve what’s ahead. Make plans to visit a college, and spend that extra ten minutes studying for your math test. With a bit more dedication, this month will prove to be very academically strong for you.

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Libra: Konichiwa Libra! You have been feeling very mixed lately. You don’t know how exactly to deal with your emotions. As the most balanced member of the zodiac, this is rare for you. There will be good and bad parts to this month that will continue to leave you feeling torn. You are the natural caregiver of the horoscopes, because of your balanced nature, but even the most balanced fall out of line from time to time. Seek support from a friend, particularly one from the more extreme elements of fire or water. They are likely to be very opinionated and very enlightening in your period of confusion. There is no mystical answer for your internal dilemmas, but on the 27th, tension will ease and you will begin to feel more comfortable with the state you are in at the moment. You don’t always need to have a solution Libra, it’s ok to be confused, or torn. Find ways to relax and look at things from both sides. Use your natural ability to balance out issues to find a resolution to your own internal struggles.

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Aires: What’s up Aries? You are riding a wave of sunshine leftover from your birthday month. The good news is no one is going to interfere with this. May is bound to be another happy prosperous month. Mercury going into retrograde in Leo has made you even more outgoing than normal. Now is an excellent time to make connections with old friends who may have distanced over time. It’s also an excellent month for communication, especially with your family and romantic partner. This month is about articulating your feelings and changing for the better. You have been through a lot this year Aries, but one thing rings true, you have grown as a person, and changed for the better. You are now willing to see the world from radically different viewpoints and walk in the shoes of another. This is your month to shine, so go make your mark on the world, and others around you.

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Capricorn: Hey Capricorn! Life may seem really complicated right now, but it’s really not. You have been hating on yourself because you want something you feel is unjust or wrong. You’re allowed to want this. No one can control their feelings and there is nothing wrong with wanting something you feel you can’t have. If even a part of you feels like it’s worth fighting, then take a chance, and fight for it. If you are 100% convinced you can never have it, then come to peace with this and find ways to move on. Talk to your friends and family, they are sure to be willing to help. By the 19th everything will work out the way it is intended to, and as they say, you should “let sleeping dogs lie”. It’s all going to work out, one way or another, so either fight for what you want or find a way to peacefully let it go.

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Cancer:  Hey Cancer! How’s everything going? May was a strange month, in the sense that it was so stagnant for you. Not much happened last month, but that’s ok because this month is gonna be a good month for you. With a new planetary alignment for your sign, you are sure to feel a bit more comfortable in your surroundings. You can understand that everyone is going through different things in their lives. You understand that this is an emotional time for many people, and whether or not it is for you too, you are more than willing to be a shoulder to cry on for those struggling. This month you are an emotional support hero Cancer, but make sure that you are also keeping yourself in check. You are a priority, make sure you find a way to make yourself feel special and appreciated. Listen to some happy music and relax, you got this!!!

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Aquarius: Howdy Aquarius! We are drawing closer and closer to summer, and you already counting down the days to “freedom”. Things have been moving fast lately, but not in a good way. You’ve been feeling a bit left behind lately but that’s all gonna change on the 14rth when you get swept up in a whirlwind romance. This month is heating up for you, and new romantic possibilities appear just on the horizon. Take a risk, and be open to possibilities. Love is bound to strike hard on the 16th. Keep your eyes and heart open to possibilities this month. May is your month Aquarius, with summer approaching you are gaining confidence, confidence that will propel you to success in the dating world.

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Taurus: Hola Taurus! May was a good month, a bit stressful, and you may not have had the vacation you truly wanted, but it definitely wasn’t a bad month. With impending exams and prom looming you are bound to feel a bit of stress. Unfortunately, this month will not be the best for you. Try to keep your head up and keep up the diligent hard work. May 26 marks the worst day of the month, and you should be wary about who you talk to, and who you trust. It may feel like the world is conspiring against you, but don’t worry, most of it is in your head. This month will be intense and may push you to your limits, but you are strong, and you are sure to bounce back eventually. You may need to adjust your perceptions of the world, and the way that you treat the people around you, but you will ultimately figure it out.

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Pisces: Hola Pisces! You have been talking to someone new recently. You are walking on air, and feeling giddy over the possibilities of what could happen. Everything seems to be going well for you this month as the planets align in a more favorable order for your sign. Keep talking to this mysterious stranger, maybe it will; amount to more later on down the line. Summer is coming, and a summer romance is on the cards. Guard your heart, to ensure you don’t get too hurt, but be willing to take some risks this month, you will likely be surprised by how well they turn out. You have been secretly desiring romance for a while. As a water sign, you are prone to take a more passive but passionate stance in romantic relationships or crushes, but this month marks a real chance for you to break out of your bubble and try some new things. Don’t get too caught up on the “what ifs” this month, take a risk and dive in. This month is all about spontaneity and breaking out of your typical comfort zone.

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