Looking for More Fun: Interesting Clubs at DHS

Darien High School is bursting with opportunities for involvement in their many clubs. With opportunities ranging from community outreach to drinking tea, the student run organizations have got you covered.

Although the school holds an annual club fair at the beginning of  each year, many students will find themselves passing through with little recognition. However, these opportunities become more and more unique each year, adapting to current student interest.

Many interesting clubs are in need of some new underclassman members to continue the clubs for the soon-to-be graduating seniors.

Below are some clubs at DHS that are great ways of getting involved:

The Filmmakers Club is held at DHS and is among one of the most unique and compelling clubs offered. The club meets weekly and creates and scripts short films that are streamed through a YouTube account. A member, states, “DHS Filmmakers club is the only organization in DHS that allows students to write, direct and produce original short films. We all work very close together to collaborate on all genres of films (from dramas, comedies to horrors and romances) for our mid and end of the year film showings. the showings are a filmmakers club special event because we can showcase all of our work over the last few months and it’s a fantastic way to show the student body and faculty what we create.” The club is extremely talented, and their films are on the rise.

Another interesting club to explore would be the Living in Flow club. This club focuses on meditation techniques that help with the stressful environment of high school

President senior Alexa Cornacchia said, “I am co-founder of the Living in Flow Club and we focus on exploring the mind and its potential by examining dreams, active imagination, the conscious and subconscious mind through the use of meditation. This club teaches about how to explore yourself by quieting the mind and living in the present. We work towards developing one’s personal relationship with themselves  and show how to use the breath to control emotions. Living in Flow meets on Wednesday nights in the Wrestling room with School Counselor Ms. Joan Flaherty. Our minds go beyond what we believe to be possible. They are machines constructed by nature and we have yet to learn their full potential. This club will push you to explore yourself beyond what you think you know.” Meditation can have impactful results!

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is another club offered through DHS. However, don’t be scared, you don’t actually need to be an athlete in order to join the club. The club is run by Pastor Greg Doll of Noroton Presbyterian Church with Mr. Gary Morello.

Morello states, “The Fellowship is a club where all students feel they have a place to grow, mature and think about life beyond the field, track, pool, court, classroom, etc.  We engage in real life conversations discussing ways we can bring faith, hope and love into the world. Darien has a cultural that tends to place a lot of emphasis on reputation and image.  The Fellowship comes alongside that culture and teaches students that their worth, value and dignity is not rooted in what they do but rather who they are. Students need a place where they can go to enlarge their spiritual lives and strengthen their character.  The Fellowship is a club that strives to equip, empower and evolve students at DHS!”

The club is set to  meet every Monday mornings at 7:05 in the Methodist church next to school, except the first Monday of the month when the club will  meet in the wrestling room at school. The methodist church is a convenient spot for the club as it is in close proximity to DHS. After most meetings, students will walk together from the church to class. It is a great way to start your week!

The Tea Club is yet another interesting club at the high school . Students meet weekly to drink exotic teas from different countries. Tea talk is vital to de-stress from the DHS environment.

Unite for Africa is another important club to learn about at DHS. Co-president, Ashley Humphrey, states, “Our mission is to increase awareness of the most underserved children who live off the grid in Tanzania and to support an empowerment model that embraces sustainable, long term projects through fundraising efforts under the guidance of the larger nonprofit organization Unite the World with Africa.” The club meets Wednesday mornings before school and often welcomes members with hot chocolate and munchkins. They conduct fundraisers and other fun events in order to bring awareness and funds to their partners in Tanzania.

However, if you are looking for a low commitment, fun club to join, Shoveling for Seniors is your place. This club encourages students to partner with a friend. During snow days or large storms, you and your partner will travel to the homes of those who don’t shovel their own driveways, and volunteer to help out. It is a great way to get involved in the Darien community, while keeping it fun. Member Skylar Ford said, “ Shoveling for Seniors is a low-commitment club that benefits the community by assigning students to shovel senior citizens’ sidewalks when it snows”. The club is unique and a fun opportunity for students.

Many more clubs are looking for new members at Darien High School. Although many exist, if you have an idea you are passionate to pursue, contact a school VP to support you through the process of creating a club. Darien students pride themselves in extracurricular involvement, and by no means does it have to be a chore. Feel free to join a club you are interested in, and if not, feel free to make your own. Pursue what you are interested in and the faculty will support it!


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