DHS Administration Announces “Kidz Bop only” Playlist for Cafeteria Music


Libby Markham, Editor

This past Friday, the Darien High School administration met to discuss the new speakers in the cafeteria and the use of a student-created playlist for music during the lunch waves. After a brief discussion and a unanimous vote, the administration decided, beginning April 1st, to enforce a Kidz-Bop-only playlist in order preserve a safe learning environment during classes and during lunch.

“We believe that the best music for students to be listening to is music that isn’t corrupting,” psychologist and advisor for the Board of Education Mr. Matty Raps said. “It’s dangerous for such naive minds to be blasting rap music with swear words. We firmly believe that this administration-created Kidz Bop playlist will be the perfect addition to the cafeteria. It allows for students to listen to tunes while staying completely safe.”

DHS Administration plans to meet every day after school for the next few weeks to ensure the nature of each song on the playlist promotes a message of the benefits of staying in school and the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and staying up too late.

“The music that was playing before was extremely dangerous,” Raps said. “It’s a testament to the strong moral character that DPS has instilled in our community that we didn’t have students doing drugs in the middle of the cafeteria while the clean version of Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes was playing.”

This set list change is set to be in enforced this week with a full roll-out in place by mid-April – play lists will be approved after a vigorous process of screening Kidz Bop songs and making sure they are not suggestive in any way. The Administration hopes that this change will provide students with a fun and productive lunch experience without the fear of hearing swear words.

“We truly did this for our students,” Raps said. “We always strive to be in-touch with our students and their needs. We know DHS students will thank us for this and for saving their futures. This playlist will be lit! Go Wave!”