I’m. So. Bored.

Day Three: Send Reinforcements.

I just want to know what's happening on Olivia Jade's instagram.

Definitely the hardest day so far. All I wanted to do was mindlessly scroll through my beloved Instagram feed, and it didn’t help when my friends constantly said “Did you see what she posted on her story?”. Finally, I really felt left out. It’s funny because my social media feeds are typically extremely monotonous, but since they’ve been deleted, suddenly I remember scrolling as one of the most interesting past times. Let’s be real: Instagram posts are less than stimulating. So why do I so badly want to check it? It’s gotten to the point where I’m just imagining what my feed would look like right now, which makes me really concerned about my addiction to my phone. How did I ever let it get this bad? School is (and I really hate to say it) my only sanctuary at this point, since it’s when I’m able to see people who I would usually have kept up with on social media, but now have disappeared along with my recently deleted apps.

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