Day One: Unplugged

Beginning the cleanse.

It took me a lot of effort to even start. Seeing my iPhone apps shake relentlessly before I deleted them, I felt like what I was doing was wrong, despite the health benefits I know come with the absence of social media.

It may have taken me a few articles on why detoxes from your phone are good and some Casey Neistat videos about going social-media-free, but I’ve made it. I officially have no social media on my phone, and I’ve logged out from all of my accounts on my computer.

So far, I feel fine. I don’t miss it at all yet, but I know that this feeling will probably go away once the withdrawal kicks in.

However, I’ve already started to pick up on some weird phone habits I had. I noticed I automatically reach for my phone after I’ve made myself breakfast. I lunge toward my computer to check Instagram whenever my math homework gets hard.

It’s kind of alarming to see how my brain has been hardwired to use social media, given the fact that I’ve been randomly unlocking my phone, only to realize the only apps I can check are GMail and Google Classroom (definitely not as fun as checking Instagram).

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