Your March Blue Wave Horoscope!

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Hey, Sagittarius! On March 13th, Venus goes into retrograde in Scorpio. Your love life is about to get much more serious. Try new things with your significant other, maybe there’s a cool upcoming event or a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to, take them with you! If you don’t have a significant other take some bold risks, luck is playing on your side this month. On the 16th Venus goes direct, and you will inevitably be feeling more open and direct with your options as well.

The moon conjoins Saturn on the 20th, which gives you more power to take charge and lead the way for not only yourself but others. This month things are looking up, seize the day!


Lucky Song: “Girlfriend” Avril Lavigne



Howdy, Capricorn! Now may be a time to become a little more private in your endeavors. When Venus goes direct on the 16th, you may realize that some people you are surrounding yourself with people who aren’t the best for your mental health.

Take a breather, things are ok. It’s a stressful time of the year, the second quarter has just gone by, and you likely didn’t do as well as you thought you would. That’s ok. You are still the same amazing person you have always been, and a few bad grades can’t change that. Now is a time to take a good look at your life, and decide what behaviors, and what people to keep in it. On the 20th, your celestial bodies are more in line, and your life will begin to piece together, in the best way possible,


Lucky Song: Hurricane Arty Remix by Halsey



Hola, Libra! You have been very creative lately; Taking that extra risk has paid off and you are feeling much more optimistic about life. Last month may have been a bit hard, but this month is sure to be better. On the 5th when Venus goes into retrograde in Scorpio, you will be in your best headspace in the last couple of months. Excitement swells and confidence grows towards the 14th when the moon conjoins with Saturn, You have a secret admirer Libra! They may be hiding it, or it may be quite obvious. If you like this person, go for it! If not, you have the power to gently let them down and peacefully move on.


Lucky Song: “Domino” by Jessie J



Sorry, Aries, when Venus goes into retrograde in Scorpio, you are feeling emotionally fragile and confused. The kind of “get down on the rain and cry about your life” confused. It’s ok, it’s the start of a new quarter, a new beginning, you have time to turn things around. People have been saying, “time moves fast,” but for you, it’s begun to feel like a never-ending slow march to the opposite of heaven, if you know what I mean. Don’t let time weigh so harshly on you, Aries, harsh your inner strength, you can beat this!


Lucky Song: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2



This isn’t summer, but you’ve been craving a return to the ocean. It’s March, and if you are following society’s normal pattern, you are probably already planning your Christmas break. Maybe you are picturing a lavish escape to California or Hawaii for Christmas, but slow down, Aquarius. Each moment of your life is precious, and you shouldn’t be so quick to push that fast forward button. Live in the moment, spontaneity is your friend this month.   

Lucky song: Location Unknown by HONNE



Dear Leo, it’s okay to cry this month. Things are stressful, tension is high, and you feel like this is a crucial time for your future. It’s okay to stop, take a breather, and relax. It’s great that you are so concerned with your future, but it’s not healthy to maintain a mentality of “suffer today, be happy tomorrow”. Take a breather, and try to focus on the positive aspects of your life. You have friends and family who adore you and will support you no matter what. You are not alone. Reach out to those around you, spend some time with friends, or take some alone time, if that works better for you. It’s important to focus on yourself this month and work towards a place where you feel comfortable and happy again.


Lucky song: “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld



Oooh Gemini, you’ve got a crush. Shh, don’t worry, I won’t tell, but you should. You are entering your most confident period in a while. You are really comfortable in your skin, as you should be. People are noticing your confidence, and it’s improving and broadening your social scene. Life is full of possibilities and you are finally starting to take seize of them. The stars are aligning, so if there’s something you want to do, don’t be afraid to go for it. You got this! Send that risky text, make that bold move, and even if they don’t go well, make sure not to give up your newfound confidence.


Lucky Song: Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol



Get your head in the game, Taurus! You’ve been distracted lately, which has to lead you to be a bit more careless lately. You can do better! You are naturally practical and ambitious. It is likely you have just experienced some negative event which has negatively shaped your mentality, and actions. You can conquer this! March is bound to be an innovative month for you. You have felt boxed in, but once you get over your funk, you will realize that the world is your oyster. Luck is on your side this month. Keep your eyes on the prize, if you harness your natural ambition again, you are sure to be on a path for success.


Lucky Song: “Get Your Head in the Game” By High School Musical



What’s up Virgo? Blast some music, kick your heels back, March marks the beginning of a month of relaxation. You are released from some of the stress you have been carrying. With this burden gone, you are free to explore new possibilities. This month you are bound to be a social butterfly. From parties, to meet ups with old friends, you are everything but a shut in. Your voice is being heard by everyone, as you branch out, and converse with new people, as well as rekindle old friendships. When Uranus enters into Aries on March 20th, you have reached a peak of happiness. So, smile, Virgo, this month is going to be a good one!


Lucky Song: Friday I’m in Love by The Cure



What are your values, Cancer? This month is all about organizing your ideas, and figuring out your stance on the political spectrum. Election Day has fired you up, and you are feeling vocal about your opinions. Be careful who you talk to though, Cancer, remember these are controversial topics, and there is no need to start a war. Organize your views, and plan your future, while appropriately voicing your opinion, when you feel so inclined. You can make a difference Cancer, and if you see something truly wrong with the society around you, it may be time, of possible, to take some steps towards addressing and fixing the issue. Join a protest, speak at our school, talk to friends, get your ideas out there! Every big movement has roots in a single person who stood up and said, “this isn’t right!” Don’t be afraid to make a difference this month, Cancer.


Lucky Song: It’s Time Imagine Dragons




Happy Birthday, Pisces! This is your month to shine. As your birthday approaches, you are more excited than ever. You are turning a whole year older, maybe this worries you a bit, but it shouldn’t. Here’s to another incredible year Pisces. This year holds great potential for you to grow emotionally. Adventure waits around each corner if you are willing to embrace it. Let go of whatever stress you may have been carrying, this is your month. This isn’t about yesterday or tomorrow, it’s about today. And as long as you remain positive, each day of this month is sure to enjoyable, and chocked full of surprises, in the best way.


Lucky Song: I Don’t Mind by Paramore


Hey, Scrpio! You have been chasing a wild daydream, and while others may tell you that such behavior is reckless, it is right for you in this moment of space and time. You may act a bit crazy now and then, but that’s just your way of making it through day to day life. There’s nothing wrong with that. This month is all about doing what makes you feel good. You have been stressed about other’s opinions, and your future too much lately. It’s time to think about yourself. If acting in an unconventional way makes you feel the most like yourself, then go for it! Don’t hold back. This isn’t a time to worry about others opinions. If you like yourself, and your life, that’s all that matters.

Lucky Song: It’s Fine by Me by Andy Grammar


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