‘Tis the Season to be Scared

Neirad offers up some great things to watch to get in the spirit . . .

Or at least enjoy all things Halloween. The weather is colder and it’s the perfect time to watch something creepy, scary, or supernatural. The Introduction to Media Studies students offer something for everyone to enjoy the season.

The Quiet Place tops our list with two recommendations:

Yousef Ashrifeh
“A Quiet Place” is one of the best movies out there. The way it is portrayed the way the characters communicate, and John Krasinski from “The Office” takes on a horror act are all ways that make A quiet place such a good movie for people who like a good thrill and much silent suspense. Ellen from The Ellen Show also made a video edited parody about this film which was very funny. These are all reasons why you should watch “A Quiet Place” during the Halloween season!

Ella Kosnik
A Quiet Place is a drama, horror, and mystery movie that tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world, where the Abbott family is forced to live in silence due to the monsters with hypersensitive hearing that have wiped out the human and animal population. I enjoyed this movie because it illustrates the journey of the family and describes their immense suffering, loss, and sacrifice in order to survive. I also liked the film because it was different from a typical horror film due to the familial underlying aspect that showed a more emotional side to the movie. I highly recommend A Quiet Place, especially to a viewer who liked The Witch because they both have a balance of horror and familial trauma.

Kieran Blunnie
As Die Hard is to Christmas, Young Frankenstein is to Halloween. The same way you would not expect a fast-paced action movie to be the perfect Christmas movie, you would not expect this Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder comedy masterpiece to be the Halloween essential it is. The story begins with Dr. Fredrich Frankenstein(Frank-in-stEEn) being called to Transylvania to deal with his family’s estate after the death of his great-grandfather. Upon his arrival, a hunchbacked man named Igor(eye-gor) escorts him to his family’s castle where they find the infamous work of Fredrich’s grandfather, Dr. Victor Frankenstein: the science behind his monster. The reimagining of Mary Shelley’s sci-fi horror classic into a goofy comedy is the best way to get into the Halloween Spirit.

The Gift
Charlie Pegler

“The Gift” is a thriller about a couple who has just moved into a new neighborhood and they have a stalker. Starring Jason Bateman as “Simon” and Rebecca Hall plays his wife “Robyn” who recently had a miscarriage. This young couple has a stalker named “Gordo” who is trying to get revenge on Simon for bullying him in high school. This is not a horror movie that has a crazy axe murderer, but the antagonist is methodical in his ways of scaring the couple in the ways that he leaves dead animals on their doorstep and even breaks into the house. “The Gift” is very similar to the film “Gone Girl”, I would recommend to anyone that likes suspenseful films.

The Sixth Sense
Britney Lavecchia

The Sixth Sense is the perfect combination of creepy and sentimental for those who are not big on scary movies. The movie follows child psychologist Malcom Crowe, who has been shot by a former patient of his (Vincent Grey). He finds interest in nine year old cole who shares many similarties to Vincent. As he begins to grow a strong bond with Cole, he learns that he can see dead people. This creates a creepy and sentimental feeling throughout the story as you see Crowe’s want to help Cole in order to restore himself after “failing” Vincent. This movie is currently streaming on Netflix as well as amazon prime. Those who have enjoyed films such as The Others, The Ring and Unbreakable will like watching The Sixth sense. This film ensures you an ominous and affectionate story that is perfect for the fall season.

Await Further Instructions
Eva Larino

Paranoia and terror merge for the ultimate scare in Johnny Kevorkian’s new horror-sci-fi hybrid Await Further Instructions. A dysfunctional family along with the son’s new girlfriend spend Christmas together. After arguing the entire night over their grandfather’s incredibly racist remarks towards Nick’s Indian girlfriend, the family goes to sleep and the couple packs up to leave. They soon discover a thick, black impenetrable membrane surrounding their home. A message appears on the TV screen: Stay inside and await further instructions. The home becomes an increasingly bloody and terrifying battleground as the instructions begin pitting members of the family against each other. Kevorkian plays with today’s blind obedience to authority as well as manipulates the audiences emotions, leading them to find true terror in the fact that even a character could do such things to their own family. His minimal use of the supernatural and simply the idea of being controlled strays from the framework of the “traditional horror movie” and creates an all-too-possible and truly chilling experience. Someone who enjoyed movies such as The Hunger Games, or Maze Runner would truly be drawn to the edge of their seats by the film, as it reflects the same aspect of being forced to do terrifying things when authority presents you with no alternative.

Grace Carlo

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s nothing better then bundling up and watching a Spooky movie! There are so many different Halloween themed movies out there for everyone to enjoy. Hocus Pocus, is a classic Disney movie that came out in the early 90’s. It’s about a teenage boy Max who discovers an abandoned house with his sister Dani and friend Allison. Max accidentally frees a coven of evil witches, the Sanderson Sisters who lived in that house. Now the three must find a way to stop the witches from becoming immortal. Hocus Pocus is a very thrilling film filled with lots of suspense, drama, and humor. This movie is perfect for anyone of any age who likes the Disney Halloweentown series. Happy Binging!
Watch the trailer here!

Jack Blenke
The Conjuring

“The Conjuring” is a horror film that is about a family that must survive in their new house while it is haunted with a past resident. This past resident is trying to kill the youngest daughter in the family because hers is dead, while ruining the families lives. While this is all happening, paranormal investigators try to get rid of the spirits within the house. My favorite thing about this movie is the suspense that comes with every scene. The viewer can sense when something is about to happen, but is still frightened when the moment is revealed. You can find this movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but both require subscriptions. People who like this movie will like The Conjuring 2. Watch the trailer!

Kaitlin La Du

The Emmy nominated original Netflix show “Stranger Things” brings a new meaning to sci fi.

The show takes place in the 80’s when one night four friends, Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin play their favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons. In the game Will rolls a seven and is taken by the demigorgon then later in the night he disappears.

After the disappearance of Will a strange new character named Eleven with supernatural powers runs from the government as they are on the hunt for her. She joins the group to help find Will and after days of mysterious and lethal situations they discover Will in the Upside Down, the place the demigorgon took him in the game and in real life then ultimately saves him.

Brooke Dolan

“Hush”, a horror movie, stars a deaf woman, Maddie, living deep in the woods with only her cat, her best friend, Sarah, and Sarah’s husband, John, for company. As it gets dark, she can’t hear as Sarah and John are murdered right outside her door. Soon the killer hunts her throughout her house and the surrounding woods. In addition, she’s unable to call 9-1-1 without FaceTime which needs WiFi and the killer has shut down her power. The best thing about this movie is that Maddie is able to fight a serial killer alone while the man has the advantage that he can hear. Hush is a Netflix original, so it is only available through Netflix. If you liked the Purge, you would like this movie.

Sofia Bender
One of the best horror movies was produced in 2013 about a serial killer doll who mysteriously comes in the mail to attack a paraplegic women named Nica and her mother Sarah. Suddenly, Sarah dies from a stab wound that looks like suicide. Throughout the week, Nica is visited by multiple family members to keep her company in the empty house and there is constantly another death that startles the family. Although this movie was terrifying in many scenes, there was also a sense of humor throughout the film which uplifted the movie. This movie has become super popular over the years now streaming constantly on AMC and available for rent on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Google Play for $2.99 or more. People who enjoy horror and thrillers with a hint of comedy should definitely enjoy this movie.
Watch the trailer here!

Nolan Crosby

From the creators of Insidious, the horror movie Oculus is about a supernatural mirror named “The Lasser Glass.” The mirror is responsible for killing many people, and nobody has suspected the mirror to be the cause until Kaylie, who grew up with the mirror alongside her little brother Tim, tries to prove its supernatural powers. There are a few jumpscares, but the tension and suspense in this film comes from a very disturbing family situation. This film flashes between past and present, their lives when they had the mirror in their house as children, and their present day lives trying to prove the mirrors’ supernatural powers. I highly recommend this film, as it is one of the most well-directed horror films in a long time.

Rhys Overbeck

A fantastic horror movie “Saw” – made in 2004 – is a real gem of the horror genre. Starring Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, and Leigh Whannell, the movie delivers a new idea of horror in the form of traps. While most horror movies rely on the supernatural and others on wacko-serial killers, Saw delivers the idea of morally bad people being put in very tense traps that require a bodily sacrifice to escape. With 8 movies bearing the Saw name, it only shows what kind of horror movie could spark seven sequels and one prequel. Saw is a fantastic movie in that it generates horror and mystery throughout all the movies and the drama in each makes some viewers see it as more of a soap opera.

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