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The DHS Social Studies Department treated the rest of the staff to a Valentine’s Day breakfast today.

The DHS Social Studies Department treated the rest of the staff to a Valentine’s Day breakfast today.

The DHS Social Studies Department treated the rest of the staff to a Valentine’s Day breakfast today.

What to do on Valentine’s if you are single

Valentine’s Day is a day that either you really love or really dislike depending on if you have relationship status. There is a lot to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Spending time with that special someone is always good and your heart races when you see your loved one. But what if you are single on Valentine’s Day? Does that mean you can’t celebrate the holiday? Absolutely not! There are so many ways you can celebrate the holiday when you are single. Here are a few activities that will make your heart race:


Making Cupcakes:

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than eating away your feelings with homemade cupcakes? Who cares if you are on a diet? Make this special day your cheat day.  It will be worth it. Go all out with the frosting and do not hold back with the sprinkles. It only takes a couple of hours to bake and decorate, then the best part starts. Don’t bake them alone, invite your single friends over and having a single’s baking party!




Buy Yourself Flowers:

Yes, I know this one is a little expensive, but you deserve something special.  Valentine’s day is a day where you give to those you love and you love yourself, so why not treat yourself? Grab yourself the biggest bouquet in the store and write yourself a card. Write things that you love about yourself and then the goals you have accomplished. This will remind you of how awesome you are and will make your valentine’s day all about celebrating how much you love yourself.





 Playing with Puppies:

Playing with puppies is always a definite “yes,” but puppies on Valentine’s Day makes the day lovely. It is scientifically proven that dogs know what you are feeling. So, on Valentine’s Day when you are feeling especially down, seeing all of your friends going out, hang out with your dog or think about fostering a dog. Not only does this give a puppy a chance, but it cheers you up and gives you someone to hang out with on this special day.






Watch Movies:

Whether it’s going out to the movies with friends or staying in with family, movies are probably the best activity for Valentine’s Day. Watch a classic movie like, Titanic , or just cry with the characters in your favorite romance film. If movies are not your thing, binge watch a new show or catch up on episodes that you have missed. There are so many movies and TV shows to choose from and you can even invite your single friends over and cry, laugh, and smile together.





Shopping for discounts:

There is nothing better than finding a sale at your favorite store. Especially when sweets are what you are looking for. The mall is a great place to find discounts and sales during the holiday. Go on a shopping spree with a few of your friends and visit all of your favorite electronics, clothing, and decor stores!

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