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The Flash Review

The CW Network took a bold risk in introducing the lesser-known DC character Green Arrow to television back in the year 2012. This unexpected success of the Arrow standalone show was so immense that it spawned an entire television universe in which multiple DC characters live and have shows. One of those characters happened to be Barry Allen, the forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department who is struck by lightning in a deadly accident, effectively giving him superpowers and making him The Flash. The Flash standalone starring Grant Gustin follows the story of Barry Allen before and after he becomes The Flash, in a stellar first season followed by two very entertaining follow-ups.

Season 1: Season 1 of The Flash serves as both an origin story and a murder mystery, as Barry Allen spends the season trying to discover the mysterious murder of his parents, while trying to develop his newfound superpowers. Along for the ride in this action packed adventure are Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, two good friends that work alongside Barry at the infamous S.T.A.R Labs in Central City. The three have many adventures together under the guidance of the mysterious Dr. Harrison Wells, a crippled scientist who guides Barry through his adventures and newfound powers, having a curious amount of knowledge of Barry’s powers for a mere human. In a riveting finale that shocks both the viewers and the characters, The Flash: Season 1 is an extremely entertaining thrill ride backed by a surprisingly gripping plot and an awesome performance from Gustin.

Season 2: Season 2 of The Flash does something that most sequels fail to do, which is match the momentum and substance of its predecessor. Season 2 brings us back to Central City, where Barry continues his adventures as The Flash, only without the help of Dr. Wells, who after the finale of 

Season 1 was revealed not to be the person he said he was. The Flash’s universe is totally expanded in this sequel, as the introduction of multiple worlds and realities are introduced, as well as multiple versions of the same person can exist. Some interesting new characters are brought into the picture as well, including a man named Jay Garrick, a seemingly good guy from an alternate reality there to warn the team about an impending danger, a duplicate of the thought-gone Dr. Wells and his teenage daughter from an alternate Earth. This season packs a great deal of intensity and gravity, with a threatening new villain and a shocking ending which leaves viewers starving for Season 3.

Season 3: Season 3 of The Flash delivers on everything that was given to viewers in the first two seasons, in an entertaining and satisfying edition. After the shocking outcome of the second season, in which Barry decided to go back and change a major detail in his life, things are changed completely in the third installment of the CW Network hit. Season 3 finds Barry stuck in Flashpoint, a reality alternate to the one he once knew, in which he is stuck unless he changes the course of history in which he decided to alter. Barry’s life becomes increasingly complex, as he must deal with the guilt of changing everyone’s lives, while coming to terms with what must happen in order to make everything right. The season progresses, and as it does we are introduced to a new villain, who, seems to be the most difficult and advanced that Barry has faced yet. Their battles are high stakes, and the outcome bears an extreme amount of gravity. This season is a great installment in The Flash’s story, while it doesn’t completely match the momentum of the first two season, it is still very entertaining, with strong performances and an intriguing finale.

The Flash is a very unique show, as it balances its easy-going attitude and lightheartedness with a darker tone and intense story-line. Each season does a good job of making it its own and delivering on everything that makes The Flash great. Each finale closes up the season nicely as well, and leaves fans eager and waiting for the next season. The Flash, in my opinion, is the best superhero television show on air right now, in the midst of a promising looking fourth season. I am excited to see what is in store for the show’s fourth season, as well as the future of the show in general.

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