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Darien Doughnut or Starbucks?: The Coffee Controversy

A coffee stop is a morning ritual for many students at DHS, including myself. Therefore, it is not a rare sight to see a student at DHS with coffee in their hand as they make their way to their first period class.

The most popular to-go cups seen in the halls and classrooms seem to be tall, clear, plastic cups filled with iced coffee. The only thing that differentiates the coffee cups is the color of the straw: red straws come from Darien Doughnut in Noroton Heights and green straws come from Starbucks in Downtown Darien.

Although the color of the straw may mean nothing to non-coffee drinkers, there is real controversy over which color is better. The color of the straw represents the coffee within the cup and the sacred place it came from; everybody has their preference. Let’s find out more about which straw is better by hearing what the coffee holders themselves have to say.

Let’s start with the red straws: Darien Doughnut. This coffee stop is a Noroton Heights classic. It is located directly across from the Norton Heights train station which brings its pros and cons.

The red strawed cup can always be seen in Senior Emily Bergwall’s car as she drives to school in the mornings.

One pro of this location is it’s close vicinity to school. It only takes about 4 minutes, according to Google Maps, to get to school from Darien Doughnut so one can ensure they get to school on time.

When talking to senior Emily Bergwall, she commented on the con of this location. Bergwall said, “When I’m in a rush to get to school on time the long line of commuters stopping in before getting on the train can be frustrating. However, it is understandable, I know coffee is an essential part of many people’s mornings.”

Despite these lines, many DHS students are dedicated to going to Darien Doughnut every morning. Bergwall goes at least 3 times a week. She noted how it is a hub for DHS students before school and she often sees friends and classmates there before the day starts. 

Bergwall commented on the service at Darien Doughnut. Bergwall said, “Once the line shortens and you place your order, the workers are very efficient and get you your drink quickly. The coffee itself is really good and makes me energized but not too “shaky” like Starbucks coffee does.”

Although Bergwall does not find the Starbucks coffee satisfactory, senior Grace Fay does. Fay is pro green straw. Starbucks, the home of the green straw, is on the other side of town to Darien Doughnut, right in the middle of Downtown Darien.

Senior Grace Fay’s coffee from Starbucks is always by her side.

Fay comments on the main reason she chooses Starbucks as her coffee shop. Fay said, “Starbucks has an app that allows you can place your order ahead of time so it’s ready when you get there. This app is perfect in the mornings, it saves so much time and I don’t have to worry about any long lines.”

This app Fay discussed with me helps one avoids the long lines that would be found in a place like Darien Doughnut. I tested it out myself and it was way quicker than waiting in line and waiting for your drink in the store.

However, once a student gets their coffee at Starbucks, they have a longer drive to school. According to Google Maps, it takes 8 minutes; double the time it takes to get from Darien Doughnut to DHS. Despite the longer drive, Fay has emphasized how Starbucks gives her long-term satisfaction as it keeps her energized throughout the school day. Fay finds the taste of Starbucks coffee less artificial and more energy providing than Darien Doughnut. This energy is necessary to get her through the long school day.

Although Bergwall and Fay have strong opinions on the coffee shops in Darien, both provide them with the necessary boost of energy and fulfill their coffee cravings every morning. Check out Darien Doughnut and Starbucks yourself to find out whether your team red straw or green straw.


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