Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Make your freshman year easier by following this advice.

Julia Blake and Sydney Riccio

Entering high school can be daunting — there lays a new environment, new upperclassmen to be wary of, and new teachers to impress. Here, the expectations of students at DHS far surpass those at the middle school. That being said, it is more than possible to find success. The Neirad Staff set out to ask current DHS students what there best pieces of advice were for incoming freshmen. Here is what they had to say:

Logan Samuel (2026) (Neirad Staff)


“Be super organized.”

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important things freshmen need to work on in order to prepare for the coming years of high school. If students are able to practice being organized there freshmen year when the stakes are lower perhaps than other school years, it will pay off in the coming years at DHS.








Jack Dauk (2026), Stephen Fiordaliso (2026), Andrew Cordella (2026), Zach Maier (2026), Nathan Gregory (2026), Taylor Moore (2026) (Neirad Staff)

“Take classes, homework specifically, very seriously.” said Maier. “Don’t be scared to meet with teachers.” said Moore. Cordella’s piece of advice, probably the best one yet, was “follow on instagram.”

Coming from students who were wrapping up their freshman year, it doesn’t hurt to listen to their advice.






Keira Napoli (2025) and Mara Mass (2025) (Neirad Staff)

“Don’t sit in the senior section.”

Napoli makes a good point. The cafeteria has certain unwritten rules about where each grade is supposed to sit. While nothing is stopping you from sitting in the “senior section”, the Neirad Staff and other underclassmen wouldn’t advise it.








Joanna Zerboulis (2026) (Neirad Staff)

“Do not procrastinate”

This applies to almost everything in life, but your homework is not going to get done any faster the more you put it off. Time management is an important skill for the rest of your high school career, develop a strong work ethic now and you will be prepared for harder tasks.







Saige Sinclair (2025) (Neirad Staff)

“Get involved in clubs.”

There are so many clubs at DHS with a wide variety of focuses. Clubs are a fun spot to hang out with friends, meet new people, and expand your interests. At the beginning of the year, DHS hosts club fairs where new freshmen can explore and meet members of organizations. Don’t know which club to join, Neirad is always looking for new writers!








Ivy Schroeder (2026) (Neirad Staff)

“Know your staircases.”

Not only staircases, but familiarize yourself with the layout of the building. It will help you get to your classes efficiently and give you more confidence.










Follow this advice from DHS students and there’s a good chance your freshman year will be a great one!