Dead Ringers: A TV Masterpiece

Rachel Weisz Stars In A Psychological Thriller That Needs More Attention


Genevieve York

If you had told me that my new favorite TV show would surround two possibly insane twins as they try to change the way women give birth, I would’ve told you “Huh?”

While the plot seems like it might be confusing, Dead Ringers starring Rachel Weisz on Prime Video is a masterpiece.

Let me tell you why.

I’m going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, I’ll only be using the information given to us in teaser trailers and media promotion. But I might tease at a few things.

Our story follows twin gynecologists, Elliot and Beverly Mantle. One thing you should probably know about the twins is that they’re very close. In fact, in the teaser trailer for the show, Beverly explains that “it’s impossible to explain this relationship to anyone outside of it”.

I would describe Elliot and Beverly Mantel as two opposites that somehow are pulled together by their love for one another. Yes, I did say love.

Rachel Weisz stars as the double lead, playing both Beverly and Elliot Mantle
Photo Credit: Niko Tavernise/Prime Video

Rachel Weisz’s acting is more than phenomenal, it feels like something that’s larger than life. Not only does she star as both the leads, but she’s also able to get herself into the headspace of two very different people. In no way is that easy. I really must applaud Weisz as everything down the facial expressions she makes for each Mantle twin is “deliciously perfect” as Elliot would say.

Elliot–also called “Ello”– is a firecracker. With her witty humor, and combined obsession with Beverly we as viewers know that it’s mere moments before she breaks. She’s the older twin, often referring to Beverly as “baby sister” despite the pair only being minutes apart. I found Elliot to be both my favorite character and my new nightmare. She’s a true-to-herself character no matter what. Severe emphasis on “no matter what”.

While her identical twin sister Beverly comes off as more guarded and serious, as her hinted love interest seems to be driving a potential separation between the twins, Beverly refuses to tell Elliot about the relationship, proclaiming that “It’s none of your business” to which Elliot responds with “everything’s my business”. Beverly seems to crave control. She consistently is seen wearing a slick-back ponytail and often keeps herself somewhat composed. She’s shy and withdrawn from most besides Elliot.

Sensing a power dynamic?

In the few looks we do get into the twin’s relationship, there’s a sense of co-dependence on one another. We see Elliot stroking Beverly’s hair while she’s sleeping, in addition, Beverly entering a relationship is bound to cause problems for Elliot as I believe she wants to be the only love in her sister’s life.

The small seeds that are planted in the trailer grow into lush trees, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

A mysterious love triangle? Or is it just jealousy?
Photo Credit: Niko Tavernise/Prime Video

The main focus in the show is the twin’s aspiration to “change the way women give birth”. They spend their days delivering babies and researching ground-breaking developments in the field of birthing. The Mantel’s main plan is to open their very own birthing and research center, with the aim of improving the birthing process and female healthcare in general.

There’s a hint at discourse as Elliot seems more focused on illegal research such as creating life out of nothing, while Beverly aims to improve the process of birthing in different environments to have safer births for women.

As mentioned, Elliot is a chaotic character, except with more twisted elements. Her desire to go against the plan she and her sister made combined with her jealousy will most certainly drive a wedge between the pair.

What will happen then?

I greatly encourage watching Dead Ringers, if you watched Severance and loved it then consider Dead Ringers too. We as viewers never really know where the story will lead. That’s the thrill of it. The attention to detail down to hidden imagery is hidden in plain sight, as it alludes to the future events to come.

Overall, I’d rate Dead Ringers a strong 9/10. It’s funny, dark, romance-filled and a great watch.