Snack-or-Pass: DHS Students’ Top Ten Favorite Cafeteria Foods 

The DHS cafeteria makes grab and go easy with so many options to choose from!

Caoilainn Bischoff, Writer

Many DHS students visit the cafeteria daily, or perhaps multiple times in a lunch period–Really, how can you resist when there’s an abundance of salty snacks, greasy finger food, and sweet treats at the tips of your fingers (literally, my six digit pin to buy food is muscle memory)?
I recently surveyed a number of students in the cafeteria to find their favorite caf items (excluding beverages) to gauge the best food choice. Here are the top ten responses:
10. Breakfast Burrito (with bacon)

A great breakfast for on-the-go. Paired with hot sauce, it’s even better. (Caoilainn Bischoff)

If you ever run out of the house without breakfast in the morning, the cafeteria has a selection of breakfast burritos waiting for you. My personal favorite is bacon, egg, cheese, and “home-fries,” however, sausage and vegetarian options are available as well!

9. Sushi

Who can turn down a fresh california roll? (Caoilainn Bischoff)

Fresh-made sushi rolls appeared in the cafeteria on January 23rd, surprising Darien High students. They’ll supposedly appear every other Monday. There were various options from California rolls, avocado rolls, spicy tuna, and more! For school cafeteria sushi, we said it was pretty good. However, was it worth the price?

8. Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Berries ‘N Cherries are the fan favorite! (Caoilainn Bischoff)

A great sweet snack for in-between classes!
7. Potato Chips

Are there too many chip flavors to choose from? (Caoilainn Bischoff)

There’s a great variety of Hal’s, Kettle Chips, and Lays in the caf–my only request is to bring back the Salt & Cracked Pepper chips!
6. Muffins

Usually the cafeteria has a selection of chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and blueberry muffins! (Caoilainn Bischoff)

Served hot, these are a great breakfast or mid-day snack!
5. Chicken Nuggets

A pretty reliable option, chicken nuggets are in the cafeteria daily. (Caoilainn Bischoff)

Probably one of the more frequently purchased food items, chicken nuggets (or popcorn chicken) are always a great option and are quick and easy to grab for lunch. “They have them every day” – junior Gerrit Davidson
4. Zesty Ranch Veggie Straws

A great savory snack with superb crunch! (Caoilainn Bischoff)

Perhaps a more unexpected item, several students mentioned they liked these savory veggie snacks!
“They’re amazing, a perfect palate cleanser, and savory” – junior Hailee Giordano
3. Grilled Cheese

More cheese please! (Mack Male)

“I love it. And on 4th lunch, you know, you’re so hungry and you waited an hour and twenty-five minutes to go to the caf, and when there’s a grilled cheese there, it’s just, it’s really rewarding” – junior Alex Martin
2. Fries

Extra seasoning is the way to go (Wikimedia Commons)

Although some students find they are a bit of a hit-or-miss, fries are a great pairing with chicken nuggets, or as a standalone snack!
1. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Seriously, how can you walk away from these? (Caoilainn Bischoff)

So many of my friends go for these if we’re on a break during class or want something extra during lunch. This generously sized, gooey chocolate chip goodness is the fan favorite, and can almost never miss. From the intense scrutiny directed towards picking out the perfect cookie with an exact chip-to-dough ratio, to the last bite, warm cookies are easily one of the most popular treats from the caf. “I like when they’re crisp on the outside and doughy on the inside and don’t have too many chocolate chips” – junior Ashley Clarke.


There you have it for the top ten cafeteria foods–which will you try next?