Why has the Library Gotten so Loud?

Have we all forgotten library etiquette?


Neirad Staff

Students congregate in the library entrance before school starts.

Julia Blake, Editor-In-Chief

I’m the type of person who loves to work in the library. Something about it helps me work efficiently and blocks out distractions. Before school and free periods are great times to take advantage of the library here at DHS. But something is different this year. It is unrealistic to expect complete silence in a library with so many people, but what once were whispers and occasional disturbances have become a nuisance. A bulk of the library is the “quiet zone” which encourages work and quiet. The other area, to the right of the entrance, allows talking. You would think this area would have some conversation and noise, but the students would still respect library etiquette and keep the noise down. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

In the morning, huge crowds of people overflow the library and the noise is so great that it is almost impossible to be productive. Even during the day, that section omits more noise than it ever did. It wouldn’t be fair to pick on the freshman and say they are the only perpetrators because I’ve witnessed all grades taking advantage of the talking section.

With the addition of the Wellness Center and the spacious cafeteria, there are more than enough spaces in the school to carry out conversations and have fun. But please, for the sake of all the students who have work, keep it out of the library.

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