DHS: who’s your favorite?

From DC to Marvel: DHS’s Favorite Superheroes

The real question is: Toby McGuire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland as Spider-Man?

A few days ago, a group of Neirad staff ventured into the cafeteria during first and second lunch to answer the ultimate question: Who is your favorite superhero? This controversial question caused some students to engage in the Marvel versus DC feud while others answered causally. Although getting students to answer our questions may not have been as hard as defeating Thanos, we still managed to complete our journey and present to you DHS’s top 10 favorite superheroes.

Girl smiling
While it took a moment, 10th grader Ashley Clarke decided that Batman is her favorite superhero (Neirad Staff)
Girl smiling against a wall
Hailee Giordano, 10th grader agrees with her friend Ashley that Batman is the best superhero (Neirad Staff)


Girl sitting in a chair smiling
Allyn Rodel an 11th grader says without a doubt that her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman
(Neirad Staff)
Girl sitting down with her hands covering her mouth
Laci Gentile one of the 10th graders is the black sheep of the group and says that her favorite superhero is Scarlet Witch
(Neirad Staff)


2 guys giving a thumb up at the camera
Owen Tyler, 10th grader agrees with the majority that Spider Man is superior
(Neirad Staff)


Girl smiling with a backpack in a hallway
9th grader Hope Hapgood voices her vote for Spider Man
(Neirad Staff)
Girl wearing a Bucknell sweater similing
Campbell Kelly, 9th grader thinks that Captain America is the best superhero
(Neirad Staff)
Two girls smiling together in the hallway
Two 11th graders Fatima Elbaqi and Lila Gianukakis disagree on the best superhero. Fatima thinks Spider Man is the best while Lila disagrees saying Wonder Woman is (Neirad Staff)


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