A Good Way to Start the Day: Breakfast choices for DHS students

What’s on your plate, DHS?

As part of an Intro to Media Studies class, our group was assigned to ask random strangers at DHS what their favorite food was in the morning. Some fellow students went above and beyond with their answers and thought creatively of something very few others would like. Others chose more well known breakfast foods that people commonly eat on a weekly basis.

DHS Sophomores Campbell Bonanno and Kaitlyn Murray: “Waffles!”
Ninth graders Ali Meyers: “Waffles.” and Sasha Teresko: “Crepes”.
two girls sitting in hallway
Tenth graders Amanda O’Flannagan: “Cheerios,” and Cam Meyer: “Oatmeal”.
DHS Junior Jason Rideout: “Frosted Flakes”.
girl and boy sititing at lunch table
Tenth graders, Alexa Zaino, “Bagels” and Willem Davidson “Omelette”.

Our group got a total of fifteen responses to our survey, some being identical to others. We were surprised with some of the different answers we were getting, ranging from cereal to omelets. Starting from the guidance area to the cafeteria to the courtyard, we were able to get answers from a variety of DHS students and friend groups.