From Students, For Students: Student Confessions

Who let the dogs out?

For our first edition of the new column, From Students, For Students, we got a variety of different answers. While everyone at DHS knows how much homework we get and the cafeteria food can sometimes be questionable, we dove deep to find as many unique answers and experiences as we could. Everyone knows that there are weird things that happen in the hallways of DHS, away from the prying eyes of teachers. So without further ado, here are just a few submissions answering the prompt “Confess something you’ve done, witnessed, or has happened to you at DHS.” 


Clock Tower
Darien High School: the site of many strange antics (Caroline Cirillo)

Let’s start with some of the strange things that happen in the bathroom: 


One time my friend and I had a free and we were walking past the boys bathroom and they were blasting music. So we went to the girls bathroom right next door and knocked on the walls and the boys kept going out of the bathroom because they thought the knocking was coming from outside, not next door – 10th grade, F


“I walked into the bathroom and saw someone straightening her hair. As soon as I walked in she pointed at the door and said ‘get out.’” – 10th grade, F



Now onto the weird experiences in the cafeteria and with food…


students eating in cafeteria
The DHS cafeteria: where gilk is created and popcorn chicken is stolen (Neirad staff)


“I found a dead fish in the stairwell” – 10th grade, F


“A kid stuck their fingers in someone’s ice cream” – 9th grade, M


“I watched someone mix grape juice and milk and called it ‘gilk’. Then they proceeded to drink the gilk” – 11th grade, M


“I have seen someone take a singular piece of popcorn chicken in the caf and pop it into their mouth. Then walk away” – 10th grade, F


Next, and I have to ask, what is it with people barking? Last time I checked there are no dogs enrolled here. 


Student raising hands in claws in library
Getting barked at in DHS is a rite of passage (Neirad staff)

“I got barked at while walking down the hallway. I know it sounds weird and trust me it is. I was walking down the hallway during passing time and accidently bumped into someone. I turned around to apologize but was surprised when the person started growling like a wolf. The person then started barking at me before I could finish my apology. It was honestly pretty weird” – 10th grade, M


“I saw some girl crawl onto the floor like a cat and start barking” – 9th grade, F


Finally, some more random “confessions.”

“I stole one of the tennis balls that goes on the bottoms of a chair” – 9th grade



horrified student in library
A students typical reaction to being barked at (Neirad staff)

“I am an identical twin, and once a teacher of mine said hello to my twin sister in the hallway, mistaking her for me. Because she didn’t know who the teacher was and the teacher addressed her by my name, my twin didn’t notice all of my teacher’s persistent attempts to get her attention in the hallway. Thankfully, I became aware of the situation a few weeks later and was able to laugh about it with my teacher. However, I still remember that I received my worst grades in that class on ~subjectively~ graded assignments during the few weeks when my teacher thought I had purposely ignored her” – 11th grade, F


Ecocitizens of Darien in the Cafeteria
Students are witness to the atrocities of the cafeteria (Neirad staff)


All schools and students have their different quirks so we’re glad you got to learn about some of DHS’s. Hopefully some takeaways you have from this article are don’t bark at random people (or maybe don’t bark in general), watch out who you share a table with at the cafeteria, and please please please keep the dead fish out of the stairwell.