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April 7, 2022

Darien High School has over 20 art and music electives, and these are just some of them. Not sure about which one to choose? 

Well, this article tells you about different art electives and hobbies. 

Digital Photography is a class where students learn how to take pictures and edit them. I personally took this class last year, and I had a lot of fun learning how to use the digital camera. This could be a really fun hobby for you to take up at home. 

Two other electives that could be fun as hobbies are Band and Orchestra. Learning how to play an instrument can be tricky, but worth it. Anyone who is interested in these electives should take any of these classes. It is important to remember that art is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Even if you aren’t exactly interested in art, taking an art elective can reduce your stress, and you will create something awesome. Even if you do not have room in your schedule, I have linked a lot of great resources to learn on your own.

A digital camera taking a photo of flowers.
A digital camera similar to the ones used in class. (Lisa Fotios )

Digital Photography is a class where you learn how to take pictures with a digital camera. Different from photography, you get to edit the pictures on the computer. When I was in this class, there was a lot of freedom with how you approached the projects. You learn how to use editing software, and it is a great class if you want to take up photography as a hobby. Students really enjoyed taking the class. Isabella Pllumbi, a sophomore,  claims: “I liked to go and edit the pictures, take the pictures, and figure out how to take good photos.” Alex Bonanno, a sophomore, says: “it’s really fun and you learn how to take better pictures.          

This class is a half year elective, so it partially fills your fine/practical arts, humanities, or STEM credits. However, if you do not have room in your schedule, you can always take up photography as a hobby. You would need a digital camera, a computer for editing, editing apps, and maybe even different lenses. I have linked a tutorial video on how to use a digital camera for beginners.

Concert Band or Orchestra are great electives to take. They are both full year electives, and they both fill your fine arts requirement for graduation. In both, you study music of all different genres from various composers. You also perform in concerts, and learn and perform various styles of music. Campbell Bonanno shares:

“Band is really fun and relaxing.””

— Campbell Bonanno, a sophomore, says

It’s very satisfying to see what you’ve been working on come together as a full song.”

A saxophone next to a case.
A saxophone is just one of many instruments to play. (Pixabay)

 If you don’t have any room in your schedule or just want to learn by yourself, I have included some helpful websites. Crescendo music is right here in town, and  is a very good resource if you want to learn more about music. If you want to learn on your own you will need: a music stand, whatever instrument you want to play, sheet music, and some video tutorials or helpful websites


Even though it is important to keep track of your graduation requirements, it is important to like the electives that you’re taking. You should take electives that feel like a time to do something that you enjoy, different from any other class. There are so many benefits to photography or playing an instrument, you should definitely consider trying these electives. 



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