A Sunset Walkthrough of Weed Beach

With photos!

Rajiv Pujara

Missing summer already? As temperatures drop, I could not help but remember the sunsets I spent at Weed during the summer. I have been coming to this beach for as long as I could remember, and every single time I see something different on the sand, sea (or rather, sound), and sky. Since it’s way too cold to justify a trip to Weed Beach, I tried to capture an impression of what it looks like during sunset.

As I got out of my car and exited towards the main beach area, I sat on the sand and gaze at the Long Island Sound. In the summer, I would stay underneath the shade of the roof underneath the building to avoid glare from the sun and to stay cool while I read books during the summer, but this evening I appreciated the warmth from the sun as I walked in chilly weather in my thin jacket. (Rajiv Pujara)
I proceeded towards my right, through the playground area, and past the rocks. I observed how the sun reflects on the rocks and water. There were swings towards my right, I used to often ride those swings with my sister and look at this part of the shore. When I was around seven years old, I stepped into the water on a cold November day, which predictably, made me pull back my foot quickly, as I realized the water was not as refreshing as July. Needless to say, I did not step in the water when I took this photo. (Rajiv Pujara)
I walked up onto the rocks, which were cold to the touch, and sat near a ledge, and relaxed for a bit (without the lifeguard yelling at me to get off the rocks!). There were many rocks on the shore, and I wondered why Connecticut beaches were so rocky and read an article. It turns out that the Long Island Sound was carved out by receding glaciers during the last Ice Age, 25,000 years ago. The glaciers carried a lot of sediment with them, and much of this sediment was deposited as they receded, creating many of the rocks on the Long Island Sound.  (Rajiv Pujara)
I slowly walked back to where I came from and sat on a bench. On warm summer weekends, I often ate grilled cheese sandwiches sold by Uncle Deli’s in this building when I did not accidentally get a bunch of sand on them. Of course, at this time of the year, the beach is very quiet; I only saw around five people here.  (Rajiv Pujara)
This is the Weed Beach playground, where kids with way too much energy run up and down plenty of stairs and occasionally try to climb slides. It also happens to hold the record for the place I have bumped my head into aluminum the most. Make sure to not go on the slide on the structure on the left when it is a hot sunny day, it will burn! (Rajiv Pujara)

The only way to truly experience this beach at sunset is with all five senses but just sight is enough to capture to essence of it. Going to Weed Beach at sunset is truly a unique experience, I encourage all readers to check out the views it has to offer.