3 PM: Pondering done, Clem finds her next napping spot: the family room “gray chair,” as my family calls it. Here she will nap until Wally begs for her attention.

A Day in the Life of Clementine (the Dog) Dehmel: A Photo Story

The adventures of my cockapoo from dawn to dusk, and all in between.

If you’re anything like me (and own a dog), you’ve probably spent some time wondering what he or she does when you’re not watching. Yes, you probably play fetch together, go on walks together, and eat at the same times, but what are they doing in the other hours of the day? Well, it turns out, not so much. I took a photo of Clem, my seven-year-old cockapoo, each hour from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., and the photo story below is what I found. And for those of you who believe all dogs do is sleep, I’m proud to say you’re wrong. Besides eating, drinking, and sleeping, Clem spends much of her time pondering her next move.

Dog standing
10 AM: Clem starts the day with pep in her step. The sun is bright, her mind is sharp, and with confidence she surveys the house.


Dog looking out the window while sitting
11 AM: Clem decides on the window seat, and looks out at the world with wonder. Soon after, she determines she is safe, and takes a lengthy nap. Clem’s puppy crate used to be located just below the frame, but that doesn’t seem to faze her. If anything, previously being behind bars has made this view all the more beautiful.


Dog sitting
12 PM: I return to the window seat to find Clem freshly out of her nap. With sleepy eyes, she watches the TV screen, displaying the Ohio State-Michigan football game.


Dog and cat waiting for food
1 PM: It’s feeding time! Clem and Wally (my cat, whose day in the life can be found here, photographed and written by my brother) wait around as their lunch is prepared by my mom. And for those of you worrying about their hygiene, Clem and Wally have their own separate bowls; there’s no need to fret!


Dog looking out the window while standing
2 PM: After a delicious meal, Clem finds time for more contemplation. Here, she is seen peering out of my back door, eager to chase the squirrel that roams the lawn.


Dog sitting on a chair
3 PM: Pondering done, Clem finds her next napping spot: the family room “gray chair,” as my family calls it. Here she will nap until Wally begs for her attention.


Dog sitting on a couch with cat below
4 PM: The sun is bound to set, and Clem now finds the couch in the living room more suitable. Wally, unaware that he’s receiving his own photo shoot from Luke, wants a feature in mine.


Dog sitting on hardwood floor
5 PM: The Auburn-Alabama football game closes in on its finale, and Clem is sure to be close to the family room (captured behind her) in case a crazy play occurs. Moments from now, a touchdown is scored, and she races in to check on the commotion.


Dog sleeping on couch
6 PM: Clem won’t officially go to bed until around 11, but she decides a nap is necessary. This couch, located feet from the window seat, is also in the family room. Ever since Clem was a puppy, her most restful naps have been had here. For dogs too, I guess, deep-rooted habits exist. The lights are dim, and Clem dreams of tomorrow’s window pondering.

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