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A Messy Breakup: Disney Leaves Netflix

A Messy Breakup: Disney Leaves Netflix

The entertainment industry is continually changing and soon you might have to pay for separate channels again. Whether through Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime, there are now more ways to access film and television through the internet. The common thing between all of these services is to watch all of the best movies and T.V. shows. Though a person may only own one of these services, they may have to change their mind as others are following Netflix’s path.

English and Film teacher, Mr. Pavia, felt that this change will continue as more streaming sites become available.

Disney has plans for two new streaming services, as the mega company has seen the trend of younger audiences preferring the cheaper subscription options compared to cable subscriptions. One service would focus on sports programming, the other would be movie and televisions. This would remove the Star Wars and Marvel movies from the Netflix list, and require a new subscription from fans to follow these Disney owned shows.
According to “The New York Times” in article Disney Plots Streaming, From ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel to Pay-Per-Sports’, on September 7, 2017, by Brooks Barnes, “ Disney is also working on five original, live-action, Disney-branded movies that will be delivered exclusively through the service. Additionally, it will offer a handful of original Disney-branded shows, several original TV movies, recent seasons of Disney Channel hits and 7,000 episodes of older shows.”
This massive change will affect everyone in DHS, as many students use a form of the streaming services offered today. The question is how this will change subscription policies, and what shows and films students watch. Will die hard Star Wars or Disney fans move towards this new streaming service? How will Disney compete with Netflix, and its original creations? Some theorize that the arrival of new streaming services will be comparable to cable tv, paying for specific “channels” for the shows you want. Others think, paying for only a month or two for one service, “binging” the shows or films they want, then switching over to another service might solve this issue.
Despite this, it is unlikely for Disney to fail with its streaming service, with many parents wanting this catalog of disney films – plus the fans of Star Wars and Marvel, that continue to create more and more. The main downside will be having to pay for yet another streaming service, but this was expected with the size of Disney as is. Mr. Pavia, teacher of Critical Approaches to Film had this to say, “ It’s unfortunate for consumers…”. Mr. Pavia went on to say how he uses many services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and how these services have some of the best overall original programs and how many cable companies have a monopoly of the programs. Though even Mr. Pavia has considered “cutting the cord” and going just through these streaming services.

At first this change may have little effect on students at DHS, as many of the Disney products are annual, and not current favorite shows. The main favorite shows are those of HBO relation, including Game of Thrones, and Westworld. Though there are also many AMC and Netflix original shows that are favorites within DHS. This will not cause problems until new Marvel shows and Star Wars movies. Once these Disney properties are on the forefront of everyone’s minds will this truly be a significant change.

I don’t like that Disney is making it’s own streaming service. Because that makes it so every company can make its own service for making show. ”

— Senior Brett Peters

Though students still have much to say on the subject. “I don’t like that Disney is making it’s own streaming service. “Said Brett Peters,  Senior, “ Because that makes it so every company can make its own service for making show”. This brings up a good point of how more and more companies will start moving towards this solution as cable T.V. is losing its popularity. Perhaps T.V. will one day be replaced by this form of content.
Still this will be difficult for many to accept, as this means more and more subscriptions to have to pay for to get the content. “ I don’t want to pay extra money for something I could get on one platform” Emma Chase, Junior. This will be the problem for both the consumer and the provider, whether their service will be worth the price. Despite the want or one platform to see all, many students already are subscribed to many services. Now to see if Disney is up to the plate in the ever growing “media wars”.

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