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Scary Stories of DHS

You inexplicably wake up in the middle of the night. It takes a moment for you to come to, but you eventually roll over and see the glow of your alarm clock read “3:00”. You are relieved that you have another 3 hours to sleep before you must wake up for school, but something interrupts this silent celebration. A bump. A creak. A faint footstep. Your heart pounds, as you question what could possibly be making those noises. The footsteps are coming closer to your room. You start to hear uneven breathing, and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. Then, a familiar jingle sounds. The patter of paws hit the hardwood floor of your room, and at this moment you realize it was your dopey dog all along.

Spooky season is upon us, and we decided to turn to our own students and faculty to share their own paranormal and unexplained experiences.


Ashley Humphrey, junior: “Within a week, all of these events occurred. While my sister, Chloe, was asleep in her room, her shower burst. The glass shattered out of nowhere and it was really scary. The morning after, my mom was out of the house, and someone had smashed the back window of her car. Then she came home and someone shattered a glass in our kitchen. No one was home.”


Caroline Molloy, Junior: “One time I was walking to my room late at night, and I saw a white flash in my sister’s bedroom. I thought nothing of it and went to bed. Then I heard what sounded like two people talking to each other in the hallway. I was really scared, but eventually fell asleep. When I asked my family about it in the morning, they had no idea what I was talking about.”


Amy Watkins, Sophomore: “Once I was in bed, and it sounded like someone was moving the books in my bookshelf. I also heard footsteps in my room and hallway. I woke up the next morning, and nothing was moved. It has never happened again.”


Sloane Latimer, Junior: “My sister’s room is super haunted, so she woke up one morning and came downstairs and asked if I was standing in the doorway watching her sleep, I said no. She is convinced people are petting her hair in the night. My mom has felt someone petting her hair in the night and I have had something pull the blankets from my head. My mom is convinced its my grandma haunting the house.”


Max Wadley, Senior: “Sometimes late at night, my printer will start making noises like it is going to print something out. Nothing ever comes out.”


The Neirad Staff has had their share of paranormal experiences as well:


Liliana Cullen, Senior: “When my mom was little, she had a life size doll that was about 4 feet tall. There are pictures of this doll from the 1970s that show she once had beautiful curly hair and long eyelashes. My mom kept the doll, and we still have it to this day. As a child, I used to play with the doll, Odette, so it does not frighten me. Right now, she is in my basement, sitting in a corner. I’ve showed pictures of Odette to friends, and they are very put off by her. When I go into the basement, I feel a pressure in my chest for some unexplained reason. A friend of mine claims she is a medium, and once told me that she gets bad energy from Odette.”


So, readers… Watch your back. Happy Halloween!



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