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DHS Community Council- Gearing Up for the New School Year!

DHS Community Council- Gearing Up for the New School Year!

As the school year starts, many clubs and organizations are starting up again, one being DHS’s Community Council. Community Council does a lot to for our school but their work often goes under the radar and no one knows about it. For example, while talking to one (non-community council) student, junior Kaitlyn Olvany, she said, “I know that Community Council does a lot of things to help our school, but I’m just not sure what those things are…”. The last we heard of Community Council was in one of the last advisory periods last year when their campaign video played. Personally, I never even heard the results of the election that I voted in until a few days into this school year!

Students enjoying Spikeball during the homecoming field day, set up by Community Council

As many students know, the Community Council holds meetings periodically to discuss school wide issues, plan events, and many other things. However, what I don’t think is advertised enough is the fact that anyone is welcome to attend to those meetings to voice their opinions. The members of Community Council want to hear everyone’s ideas, not just the regular participants.  

Junior and Community Council Secretary, Kai Zhou said, “We have 12 class officers and 6 election officers every year who are more than happy to answer any questions you have about community council. Our meetings, Wednesday mornings at 7:10 in the Chill Zone, are always open to everyone. If people can just drop by, they can get a better sense of what Community Council does and they can get their voice heard.”

If you would like to learn more about Community Council,  join the Google Classroom! There is a ton of information that all students could benefit from! There is only one post (about homecoming) so far this year, however, looking back into last years posts seems to yield a vast amount of updates that all students should be hearing. For example, last February DHS had Diversity Day, which before the actual day no one really knew anything about it. However, the classroom page provided a brief note on what diversity day was all about and the schedule of featured speakers. This would have been very helpful to have then, but at the time was under advertised. Other information that you can find here are thing like  homecoming bonfire, food/supplies drives for natural disaster relief, and much more! The classroom is open for everyone to join, and the code is: ubfj1be

Tug-of-War during Community Council’s homecoming field day

Zhou said, “I know a lot of people don’t really know what Community Council does, and we’re trying to make that more transparent. Basically, if there is ever a school event that’s not sponsored by a club, then it’s probably Community Council.” Zhou always says that they are always looking for new voices and love when they see new faces at their meetings.

Senior and Community Council Treasurer Chloe Sheehan said, “The goal of Community Council is to connect the student body and make sure that DHS is a great place for every student.”

Math teacher and Community Council Adivser Ms. Sophie Longsaid, “Think about events or activities that you’d like the school to put on and share them with your class officers or the executive board so we can try and see them through!”.

Community Council would love to hear what YOU have to say!

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