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Top Ten Scientifically-Proven Songs That Will Help You to Study

Top Ten Scientifically-Proven Songs That Will Help You to Study

Back to school means back to late night cram sessions and hours and hours of homework. However, there is one thing that can help all of our restlessness when studying: music. Music can be an amplifier to your emotions, which is why when studying it’s helpful to pick music that will help us to stay calm (because who else feels like graphing parabolas at 12:00 at night?). In the book Why You Love Music by John Powell, he explains that when it comes to situations that need our concentration we tend to take a “Goldilocks” attitude to what we listen to. We want music that isn’t too complex (as to keep us distracted) and we don’t want music that isn’t complex enough as to not keep us focused. So, below are the top ten “just right” songs to help you keep on studying.


  1. If you’re into atmospheric calm/nature sounds…
  • Florida Rain Storm – Mother Nature Sound FX

There are entire Spotify playlists dedicated to certain sounds from nature, ensuring that you find the one that helps you through that last paragraph you have to write.


  1. For those who want “Music Therapy”…
  • Olancha Farewell – Harold Budd

Harold Budd Work is the “King” of music therapy whose work has been used in films such as White Bird in a Blizzard. Not only has music been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, but it is also now being used to treat depression.


  1. If you’re into white noise…
  • White Noise – 200 hz or White Noise – 120% Wide

Hear me out on this one. Without even realizing it we need background noise to keep us focused such as the TV blaring in the next room or a fan blowing air around. White noise strives to maintain that background noise so as to not let silence be a distraction.


  1. For those who need the intensity…
  • Enter Sandman – Metallica

Some actually need to intensity to help them study and many have stated that listening to metal songs helps them to stay energized to do homework (just don’t get too angry and shred your homework).


  1. If you like indie music…
  • Younger Years – The Milk Carton Kids

Indie folk has gained quite a following in recent years do its emphasis on maintaining a positive and calming vibe. Fans of Bob Dylan will see how this type of music can be impactful not only in its lyrics but in the way it makes people feel more relaxed.


  1. If you want something with mellow beats/a slight funk…
  • Bleepers – Dj Spinna

A constant emphasis on the beat and rhythm may help to keep someone focused as the repetition can keep a steady flow, so mellow beats are definitely helpful in staying focused.


  1. For those who need something jazzy…
  • Stardust – Gerry Mulligan

Jazz is upbeat and excited which can help with staying motivated while doing work. Anything by Louis Armstrong can do the trick as well, and if you want something with swing then try “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman.


  1. If you’re into soft guitar or acoustic music…
  • Deep Forest – Christopher Varela

Some people only need the sounds of one guitar to help them concentrate, so acoustic music, while minimalistic, won’t overwhelm someone if they are heavily trying to focus on something.


  1. If you’re into piano/classical music…
  • Sugarcane – Ana Olgica

Classical music overall has been popular for studying since, well, ever. Listening to the music of Mozart and Beethoven is popular in many other aspects of life as well, such as parents who play their compositions while their babies are still in the womb. Many studies claim that listening to classical music can help to raise your IQ by a few points, so maybe pulling up a Mozart compilation will help you achieve that A+ you wanted in math.


  1. For the ultimate studying song…
  • Weightless – Macaroni Union

This song was specifically designed with the British Academy of Sound Therapy to induce a trance-like state. Neuroscientists say that it can reduce your anxiety by 65% (Forbes) and this is due to its slow tempo and low tones of the guitar and piano. This song has become so popular for those trying to study that it has even charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Don’t become too entranced though, that chemistry lab isn’t going to get done by itself.

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