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Held on March 14, DHS had a student organized walkout to spread awareness on the Stoneman Douglas shooting and gun control

Held on March 14, DHS had a student organized walkout to spread awareness on the Stoneman Douglas shooting and gun control

Held on March 14, DHS had a student organized walkout to spread awareness on the Stoneman Douglas shooting and gun control

Hurricane Stoneman Douglas and its Aftermath

Find out what DHS' students think and feel concerning the shooting in Parkland, Florida and the upcoming national events that many students will participate in

On February 14, the national day for celebrating love, 17 people were killed and 17 more were wounded by a school shooter at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This shooting makes the record for being one of the most deadliest high school shootings in the world. Students at Douglas High spoke out about the shooting on live television, interviews, and are featured in newspapers and online news sources. In efforts to honor the students who were killed, students at Darien High School have planned a walkout for March 14 with the help of school administration.

I wanted to plan a walkout to spread awareness and memorialize the students and teachers who were killed on that terrible day”

— Hannah Knight

Knight was a key role in planning the school walkout and even started her own online petition located on facebook in hopes to spread awareness. Knight communicated with administration and shaped the plans for what the 17- minute walkout would entail. There was a minute long moment of silence for each person who died, followed by a brief biography, and poem read that a Douglas High School student who was killed wrote two weeks before his tragic death.

“I am really happy that DHS has pulled this together, did something about it, and recognized the situation, instead of just ignoring it,” senior David Volz said.

Students all around the country are coming together to raise awareness about the severity of issues surrounding lack of gun control restrictions and mental health issues.

“The walkout went extremely well and the committee is proud that DHS was able to pull this off. Our main motive was to inspire students and schools in America to do the same. If more schools are joining in this movement, then hopefully our government will make change” senior Jennifer Tomaj said.

The walkout had a meaningful and lasting impression on our school community and has inspired students to get more involved promoting awareness of gun control and mental health issues.

“Hopefully the walkout is the first step in making real change. This generation has found something meaningful to fight for, which is an empowering feeling for individuals in high school,”  Spanish teacher Ms. Tara Allen said.

Students at DHS are buzzing around the halls and talking about school safety, gun control and demonstrations. Major cities in the country like New York City and Washington D.C are participating in a march about gun control that several DHS students are attending. The Parkland shooting has inspired many kids in Darien to get involved in the peaceful protests surrounding gun control.  Not only are students at DHS going to march, but there is a nationwide walkout planned for this April 20th.

DHS Administration has not commented on this walkout as of press time. Seniors at DHS and elsewhere have expressed a desire to participate in this walkout, but are fearful that people who participate will get a suspension, which could compromise college decisions. Some universities and colleges have reached out to their accepted students and have notified them that if they are subject to a suspension/expulsion because of participation in school walkouts, their acceptances will not be revoked.

The United States has certainly changed since the Parkland shooting and students around the nation are sending a ripple through the waves and want their voices to be heard. DHS has been a participant in the national movement thanks to the students at Stoneman Douglas, who are speaking out about the issues our country faces.

Students who want to be a part of something bigger and participate in spreading the awareness about gun control can consider participating in the nation-wide walkout on April 20th. Students can also write to their representatives in local, state and national government. 





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