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Big Regrets of 2017

Big Regrets of 2017

Dirty, week-old snow lines the roads, teachers are slamming students with tests, papers, and projects, the temperatures are negative, and we are as pale as ever. This sad list can only mean one thing–it’s January. January is notoriously the month where, in an attempt to magically lift the baggage on our shoulders from the previous year, we make New Year’s Resolutions. Most of these empty promises fall through, like when it’s January 10th and you haven’t made even the smallest effort to get to the gym. So, instead of feeling even more insecure about our self-goals, I prefer to talk about the regrets of the year that just commenced, in hopes of squashing any further bad choices in 2018. Here’s ten of DHS’ biggest regrets of 2017…

  1. Corinne Bevill, senior

“My biggest regret is that I didn’t do any assignments before the night before they were due. Not a single one.”


  1. Emilia Callery, senior

“Probably the fact that I have practice after school and then proceed to eat half my body weight in snacks right when I get home.”


  1. Jack Sullivan, senior

“That I didn’t visit my girlfriend who lives 551 miles away enough #whipped.”


  1. Sophie Hill, junior

“Dislocating my shoulder while skiing because I’m an accident-prone idiot.”


  1. Gaby Highton, junior

“Not wearing an ankle brace during volleyball, and spraining my ankle.”


  1. Charlie Callery, sophomore

“Deciding to do indoor track because it’s been in the negatives for too long.”


  1. Colleen Brereton, senior

“That I didn’t listen to John Mayer sooner because he’s amazing.”


  1. Georgia Sheehan, freshman

“I gave up chocolate for lent and that was just a bad move.”


  1. Kimmy Olvany, senior

“My biggest regret is that I didn’t enjoy the sweet relief of summer enough.”


  1. Abigail Cragin, senior

“No ragrets for me.”


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