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The Wave is Lit!!

New Stadium Lights Are a Huge Success

After nearly twenty years of waiting, stadium lights were used for the first time at DHS on September 7, 2017. The Varsity Girls Field Hockey team enjoyed a victory on that historic evening over Fairfield Warde by the score of 7-0. One week later it was the Varsity Boys Football team who had their first twilight home contest, beating Brien Mcmahon by a score of 48-0.

While the scores of those games were important, they could not overshadow the tremendous community effort that went into lighting Blue Wave sports. Over 800 families contributed approximately $750,000 that covered the cost of the installation of state of the art lights and the sound system. The effort to light the Blue Wave was well summarized by Darien Athletic Foundation President Peter Graham who said “The installation of the permanent lights was 22 years in the making. It has taken the hard work of countless people that made this come to fruition. The lights were made possible by the Darien Lights Brigade and donations by over 800 families in town and now can be enjoyed by the entire community. The installation of the lights also coincided with the 5th anniversary of the Darien Athletic Foundation, and we would like to thank all the generous people who have made the success of the DAF possible.”

The brand new LED lights are designed to provide maximum field lighting while not disturbing neighbors.  The audio system is designed to allow fans to hear game announcements and music while not disturbing neighbors with noise.

Blue Wave athletes understand the impact the lights have on their ability to play:   

“Under the lights brings out more fans and it’s more motivating for us to win. We are a better team when we have the community behind us,””

— Junior Running Back Andrew Lucas

“It’s really fun, it’s different because it just brings the game to life and it makes the whole environment that much more fun and intense, it’s an entirely different experience,” sophomore field hockey player Molly Hellman said.

Blue Wave athletes also realize the importance and the support that they get from their fans in games under the lights.

“Playing under the lights is unique because everything around you goes black, so everyone is more focused on the game, and everyone is there to support you. Playing under the lights brings the community together because everyone comes out to support our blue wave sports teams and show the players that they care. It is also unique because it helps to get a player more excited for the games. I know on my team that when they turn the lights on for our games, we instantly become 10x more excited and passionate to play field hockey,” said freshman field hockey player Sarah Bogdan.

Bobby Keeney, of the varsity football team summarizes the honor of being a member of the first senior class  to play under the lights by stating, “What is unique to me for being one of the first seniors to walk on the brand new field under the lights is how we are making history in Darien athletics. It is definitely destiny and a privilege that we happen to be the seniors to finally get what many have fought for over years coming. That feeling of running onto the field with thousands of fans cheering and on top of that under the lights is an indescribable feeling that will stick with me forever.”

In the spring, sports such as … will utilize the lights, playing night time games. varsity soccer and lacrosse will also have opportunities to have home night games as well.

In the DHS community, no one is more enthusiastic of a supporter than Ellen Dunn. “I am heart warmed to see our teams celebrating their success under the lights as the entire community comes together to join in the celebration.  Our students work so hard in our classrooms and in so many extracurricular activities.  It is wonderful to see this hard work rewarded and recognized.”

So Wave fans, check the sports schedules and make sure you come out day and night to support the wave!

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