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Crazy Rich Asians- The New Cinderella

A glass slipper started a revolution. A girl on the run toward love started a culture. The idea that love can conquer all created an era: the era of Cinderella.

Every single race, religion, and culture has written a version of the Cinderella story. This fable has allowed people to become a part of a totally different world. Unfortunately, not every single Cinderella story has made it to the big screen, meaning that millions of people have not been able to experience a culture apart from their own. However, this year we get to experience a culture that has become a part of our daily routine. Asian- Americans have been an influential part of our society for a long time, and with the new movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” we get to see a part of their culture that we do not witness every day.

I have always been into romance movies. When the trailer for “Crazy Rich Asians” came out, the only way to stop me from seeing the movie was ether homework or sports. Fortunately, neither interrupted my schedule, and I went to see the movie the day it came out.

My expectations for the movie going in were ridiculously high. The trailer made the movie seem like it was going to be the exact same story line as that of Cinderella. The girl gets the guy. She loses a slipper at a ball, and the guy searches for her everywhere. In the end, they live happily ever after. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the movie did not follow the same story line as Cinderella. Instead, we got a story that takes the story of Cinderella and spins it into a whole new light.

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The story follows the life of Rachel Chu and Nick Young, both college professors. Rachel is an average American girl with Asian roots, and Nick was born in Singapore and moved to America to become an educator. The movie starts off in New York, with Nick telling Rachel that he wants to take her to meet his parents. However, Nick has a secret. He is the richest man in Singapore. The couple is launched into an adventure with deceit, hatred, and, of course, the fight for love. This Cinderella story is retold in a way that engages the audience, because it does not stray far away from the original.

Overall, the movie is quite good. The acting is incredible, and Awkwafina, who plays Piek, brings a comedic relief to the movie that is filled with deceit. The all-Asian cast increases the greatness of this movie. We have reached an era where Asians are now getting more representation in global entertainment, the cast adds to the magic of the movie. This may not be the Cinderella story that we are used to seeing, but it is a version that is worth experiencing.

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