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“Jane the Virgin”: Jane and Rafael Finally Have Hope

The most recent episode of “Jane the Virgin”, season 4 episode 7, lies on a great note for ‘Jafael fans’, ones who ship Jane and Rafael. After desperately waiting for a long, long, time, Jane, played by Gina Rodriguez, and Rafael, played by Justin Baldoni, share a passionate, loving kiss.

In a nutshell, Jane Gloriana Villanueva vows to save herself until marriage, mainly for her abuela, Alba, who is a faithful Catholic. However, she is unplanningly, artificially inseminated by her boss, Rafael Solano. While in a relationship with former husband, Michael Cordero Jr., she is constantly indecisive about which of them she should date. Since her childhood, Jane has always dreamed of being a romance author. She has written letters and has attempted to publish a novel throughout the series, while taking care of her son, Mateo, the baby from the insemination.

Despite a few problematic aspects with the premise, “Jane the Virgin” contains a secret ingredient that is in short supply, perhaps especially on many of the CW’s recent soaps: Charm.”

— Brian Lowry

Jane’s novel, “Snow Falling”. Cover created by former boyfriend, Adam. Courtesy of

Recently, the Venezuelan aspiring author publishes her first book, “Snow Falling”, dedicated to Michael. In the latest episode, she, her mother, Xiomara, and her abuela go on a mini book tour to give a Q&A for the audience and sign copies. Michael’s mother, who has tension with Jane, surprises her at one of the signings, and Mateo got ill, and told his dad that he was scared that he was going to die, due to how nervous Jane has acted when he was sick in the past. Rafael and Rogelio, Jane’s father, decide to keep Mateo’s sickness away from Jane, believing it would benefit the both of them. Eventually, Jane finds out, and is upset with both of them. Rafael later explains the situation and Jane obviously forgives him. At the end of the episode, while in Jane’s kitchen, they stare and give each other a heated smooch.

This final scene left fans of Team Rafael grinning from ear to ear While there was scenes throughout season 3 and 4 of Jane and Rafael showing interest for one another, the kiss is totally unexpected. Since Jane recently broke up with Adam, her first love, I did not imagine the two to kiss so soon. The kiss is genuine compared to ones Jane shares with Adam or even Michael. Despite the arguments the two have had in the past, Jane and Rafael have always had a distinct taste for each other. 

The next episode of “Jane the Virgin airs on “The CW” this Friday, 1/26. If you are a fan of the show and/or Jafael, you will not want to miss this for the world.  If for some reason you will miss it or want to re-watch it, if will be on The CW official site.

“Snow Falling” is actually available on Amazon and Simon & Schuster. The ratings have been overall positive, with 4/5 stars on Amazon.

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