What are DHS Students Doing During Quarantine?

Here is a look into the lives of DHS students at home and their new hobbies.

April 21, 2020

The coronavirus has put our lives on pause, and now with an extended quarantine, Darien High School students are finding new hobbies and things to do. With this new time, there is so many new things to try, and if you have not found one yet maybe these can inspire you. 

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Students are now experiencing new things. Junior Taylor Benoit said that she has “picked up reading” and it has now become her new favorite thing to do. “I have not picked up reading before this, ” Benoit said. Many like Benoit are finding great books that make staying at home a little bit better.

Senior Sammy Lindell also says that this quarantine has let her try many new things, even online Zumba class. Lindell said that for these activities, she “wouldn’t have time for after school if we didn’t have quarantine.”  Not only have students begun to read, but others have also started to find great workout programs from the comfort of their own homes.

Many students have taken up new athletic hobbies like running and working out. Sophomore Charly Covello says that she “runs and watches Netflix every day.” Covello has made a routine out of going for a daily run and it has helped her to be able to regularly get out of the house.

Other students have also found ways to workout. Junior Chase Gulick says “Once quarantine started, I had access to a weight set and a lot of free time so it was easy for me to pick up working out over this period of time.” Those, like Gulick, that are lucky enough to have access to these resources, make it much easier to get into shape. However, there still are many ways to workout with online programs.

Students have also found ways to stay in contact with their friends using apps like house party and Zoom. Junior Julia Pombar says that “one fun part about my quarantine is my friends and I do group Zoom calls. It’s fun and I get to see all my friends and talk to them.”

While we might not be able to hangout like the used to, we’re all still able to interact with the help of the Internet. 

This time at home means we can expand our daily activities and try new things. While life is completely different, students are able to focus on new things. With new hobbies, you are able to set a routine which can make everyday feel more normal as our lives have completely changed.

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